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    Lowryder 2 (santa Maria)

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    Do you Agree?

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    Guys check this out!!!

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    Lowryder Hybrids 100%AF

    My Afghanryder, and 3 way in the young stage. the bigger one is the 3-way, the other two are afghan and L#2. this is another grow of 3 lowryders. The three way is 7 days old. The afghan and the L#2 are both 2 days old. They cracked seed in soil with carbonated water misted on soil. using 32watt...
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    dont buy from here..........

    hey guys, some of you were asking me to post the link where to buy lowryder crosses, well don't buy from these guys, they sent me a bag of crushed seeds. I have been trying to get a hold of them for the past week and they are just shining me off. what ever you do don'nt buy them here, they...
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    Kush at 4 weeks.

    week 4 into flower, This is one of my Kush plants, fruity tooty is what the guy that sold me these seeds said it was. I've been using Flora-Nova on this one, any coments or suggestions on how to make this plant bushier?
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    Hydro or Soil?

    What type of weed do you prefer smoking? Hydro grown? or Soil grown? Please explain why.
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    Flora Nova vs. Guano-Gro

    I would like to know the differences between Flora Nova and Guano-Gro. Anyone ever used these products before? If so, please post comments or tips on use. thanks, THCskunk.
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    Black lighting.....

    Has anyone ever used black lights in dark period?
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    Hawaiian Skunk #1

    Hi everyone:ciao: . I ordered Hawaiian Skunk #1 and recieved them 5 days ago. Has anyone ever grew this strain? If so please reply with comments, suggestions, and or opinions. Hoping to share every step of the way with ya's. Thanks. THCskunk.
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    damaged plant

    I was adjusting the hieght on my plant's lights when suddenly..WHAM! The fixtures smashed my lil babies:( . two just lost one sun leaf, but the one on the end lost its main top node,2 sun leaves, and a bud node. the Next day it picked up its leaves like if it was saying, "RESCUE ME!!":D LOL...
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    Guys check this out!!!

    This was sent to me from my one of my cousins. (Edit) We have ladies on this site. No nakedness please.
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    I have passed it three times

    Our method is getting the urine from someone else. I purchase a tiny bottly from walgreens and have one of my freinds go with me. We stop at the nearest gas station to the test site and he does what he does in the lil bottle. I then put the lil bottle in under my sock sitting snug in between my...
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    Thank You All.
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    Has anyone ever used this? please post comments and opinions. thanks:D
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    soil mites

    Is this true? the soil mites found in your soil actually serve a purpose. they rome around in your plants soil but yet never harm the plant. Anyone know the species? They are white and burrow into the soil when light shines on them.
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    Twisted leaves???

    Why do the leaves on some plants twist sideways or make an L-shape?
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    The History and Facts

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    Lil Lowryder

    Lowryder # 2