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  1. Comatoked

    its a sad day today..

    Well, first time I have logged on here in forever let alone post anything. I went back and was reading all my old threads on MP and Stonybud always had good advice or input or a thought for any question or concern I had had the time. RIP.
  2. Comatoked

    sup yall

    Welcome To Mp. Cant Wait To See Your Hydro Skillz.
  3. Comatoked

    Hello Tharr

    Hey Welcome To Mp. If You Need To Know Anything About Weed This Is Tha Place.:watchplant:
  4. Comatoked

    hello from oz

    Very Nice Plant's, Welcome To Mp.
  5. Comatoked

    New Puppy

    Cool Pup Looks Like It Would Make A Good Squriel Dog.
  6. Comatoked


    Hey Welcome To Mp. I Am Sure You Will Learn Alot Here, So If You Ever Have A Question About Your Little Buddies Just Ask.
  7. Comatoked


    Welcome To Mp.
  8. Comatoked

    G'day from Sydney

    Welcome,to mp.
  9. Comatoked

    new also

    Welcome To Mp.
  10. Comatoked

    New here.

    Welcome To Mp.
  11. Comatoked

    Been Gone Months And Lost My Rep.

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :holysheep:
  12. Comatoked

    Clear Paper Revolution?????

    Cool fact Stoney...Maybe It Is Just Here But Everybody I Know Now Smokes With These Papers I Ant Smoked A Paper Joinnt In Forever...They Do Burn Nice And Slow And When You Quit Hitting It Goes Out But You Just Puff And it Lights Agian...They Feel Like Plastic Of Cigerrete Packs But They Are...
  13. Comatoked

    Clear Paper Revolution?????

    Hey Has Anybody Smoked Through A JOB Chrystal Paper They Burn Slower,i Save A Whole Lotta Product Now. IDK If Anybody Else HAs Tried Them Or Not But The Are Killer.And They COme In A Cool MAybe They Are Just New To Hillbillies...
  14. Comatoked

    TheDrowner's Experimental grow.

    Hey Man..Look Like Your Off To A Start...Do You Know The Straind The Weed Is?
  15. Comatoked

    2nd Go At Indo.

    Thanks Richy B. I Used To Topp Or Cut The Whole Top Shoot oof But Now i Just Pinch The Newgrowth Out Yea I Just Use My Fingernails And Pinch It This Saves Older 2 Leaves Below The Newgrowth Just Make Sure You Pinch it All The Way Down To Where The Stalk Starts Again If You Dont It Will Contiue...
  16. Comatoked

    2nd Go At Indo.

  17. Comatoked

    Week 3 Day 6 Bloom. 5000 Watts.

    Gonna Be A Nice Havest I Bet It Smell's Like Money In
  18. Comatoked

    Right of the plant?

    Its Hard To Smoke When It Is Damp it Has To Be Dryed First>
  19. Comatoked

    My first GROW ( all on the cheap) less than $100.oo

    Nice Set-up Looks Great What Dose Your Temp's. Stay At?