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  1. OGKushman

    OG Crumble

    Yummy sleep medicine
  2. OGKushman

    Trichomes under 40x lens @ 8 weeks

    OG @ 8 weeks on the dot. I usually run it 9-10 weeks. This is a cell phone zooming through a decent loupe.
  3. OGKushman

    Storing buds under inert gasses.

    Next crop I’m storing a full 2qt mason jar of dried and freshly cured dank. I’m replacing the air in the container with either CO2 or Argon gas from my welder and I’ll be storing it in my wine cooler at 55 degrees. What are your thoughts on this? I ran out of meds on this last crop and had to...
  4. OGKushman

    Pollinated WiFi x WiFi OG

    I couldn’t find my pollen brush so I used tweezers to hold the banana/male flower in the middle of a week 4 nug and used a micro tip scissor to cut it in half. Then I simply drug the banana half over the pistil’s hairs very softly. I could see the pollen exploding out of the banana. When I was...
  5. OGKushman

    How old is your mom?

    What. It’s a valid question😂😂 I honestly can’t remember, this one is somewhere around 5 years, but they are getting cloned one last time tonight before my new moms take their place. 👋
  6. OGKushman

    You ever dabbed a guttation?

    Ive ripped a couple, they do not appear to contain much/any THC. It tastes like pure sugar, rips like cane sugar smoke from a dessert, and is almost perfectly clear. The sap appears near damage, and can appear on almost any resinous strain. Ive seen scale (land barnacle? Lol) suck the life out...
  7. OGKushman

    OG kush @ 10 weeks

    I still talk to my buddy that gave this to me a decade ago. He lives 1000 miles away now, always says he is coming back for a cut. I tell him he’s always welcome. 🙃
  8. OGKushman

    12/12 from clone?

    Any links with pics would be awesome. Im looking for examples of grows that are being flowered directly from clone. Sea of Green style i guess. But i want to see specifics of a 1000 watt with a 4x4 tray, or similar 600w 3x3 SOG grows etc. I have just taken 100 SFV OG clones and i am ready to...
  9. OGKushman

    SFV OG pics

    A few i took of 3 different nugs...i liked the lighting in the first one :D I hope you enjoy! :48:
  10. OGKushman

    OGK's Backyard blooms

    After seeing Driftings thread HERE I started to notice my backyard was doing the same thing! I wanted to share. :p Can anyone name what plants the flowers belong to? *and last 2 pics...I cheat and use GH3 one part a week in the sprayer :D ENJOY! :48:
  11. OGKushman

    Had to weigh this plant on my bathroom scale!

    I went from 218.6 to 227.2 lbs. SFV OG 9 weeks and a day. This is one plant. And its not even all of it. I left the bottom 1/3 to keep going. Not even going to try to guess the weight lol but you can! :hubba: Enjoy! :48:
  12. OGKushman

    Guess the Weight! Vol. 2

    We are going entire branch here. So whatcha say?
  13. OGKushman

    DIY: Water Chiller for hydroponics

    So I have decided to not spend the 500$ on a water chiller yet. I wanted to try this design I have been thinking of. It should cost around 100$. Rather then explain, I drew up some plans. Feel free to comment, I will report back within a day or 2 with results.
  14. OGKushman

    I think I found a members dog...?

    Wonder whos it could be?:rolleyes:
  15. OGKushman

    New bug...what is it?

    I found a few thrips and those should be pretty easy to bomb out of the room as it has no bud yet but now I was changing out the res and I see this guy sitting in there. WHAT THE HECK IS IT? :rofl: today is just full of surprises
  16. OGKushman

    DIY: Green LED Flashlight Filter for night time grow visits

    Need: Oxford (green) plastic folder - .79 cents Cheap LED flashlight you see EVERYWHERE - 1-3$ Scissors - You better have some :p
  17. OGKushman

    Is this a thrip?

    IT'S WAR!!!:mad: What is it and how do I murder it's children? :fly:
  18. OGKushman

    San Fernando Valley OG Ebb&FLo

    I am going to stick this one out with you guys, I hope you stick around too!:icon_smile: Started with rapid rooters, then into a 3x3 inch rockwool cube, then when those rooted out I cut off the plastic and set them onto 2 inches of hydroton in 10 inch net pots and filled with washed and pH...