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    Is anyone interested in joining forces to start a legal entity for forcing counties in a state with medical marijuana laws to follow the law. I think that there should be some way to penalize such counties who choose not to comply. Like reduced state funding. It is time we at least try to do...
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    We had a community garden with 14 members fully compliant. but at harvest the sheriff came in ghastapo style (the same sheriff who I spoke with on several occasions to be compliant) and stole our medicine. What the **** is going on with our state. Charges were filed later. This sucks, now we suffer.
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    I picked the name Greenear because I am green to outdoor and I will listen to the advice of others. I have had the ugly cancer before and my wife recently passed away from the shit. MJ has helped me and it definetly helped her. I am an advocate to legalize it. and I believe with my heart in...
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    has anyone heard of goo and if so, where is it available
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    Would Like Advice From The Vets

    This is my first outdoor grow, I do have some indoor exp. My soil is river loam, sandy and on one side alittle more clay type rocky on the other. I have 200X200. I dozed some ditches about 15ft apart by 150long 3ft deep and filled spaces with a few yrds of forest products like potting soil type...