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    CO2 Systems?

    What's up everyone, I'm looking for some help constructing a CO2 system for my room. I was going to attach a solenoid valve to the regulator on my CO2 tank and then attach a flow meter to the solenoid valve, from that point I was going to attach some tubing with holes in the bottom of the...
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    My 1000wt MH?

    Ok, so this is my problem; I have a 1000wt MH that I'm going to use for veging my 25 clones, but I don't have enough cash flow right now to afford buying an HPS light. So what do yall think about me flowering these babies under that MH, I know it's better to use an HPS but will my MH work and...
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    Plant growth?

    I started my plants from seeds at the begining of this month. They are currently only an inch and a half tall. Is this about right, or am I doing something wrong? Im currently using fluros at about 4" from the top of my plants, but I have a 1000wt MH, how big does the plant need to be before...
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    First off, Im trying to get my grow room to a standard in all aspects. But Im not really sure what percent I should have the humidity at. I've read that if you keep your' room at a higher humidity you have a better chance of getting females, the reading suggested about 70%. Is this too high...
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    My indoor set-up?

    Ok, let me start by saying I just joined this forum and it has been a great help. So thank you to all of those out there that obtain this helpful info. So this is my set-up; I have a 1000wt MH in a 2.6' x 4.0' closet. Along with a 70 fcm ventilation fan with an active carbon filter so there's...