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    so after a couple weeks of searching for ph up and down i finally found some petco, it says it for aquariums, but this should ok right? i completely saturated one plant with ph balanced nutrient solution, fish emul. and kelp and the runoff was 6.8 and flushed the seedlings with plain ph balanced...
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    foliar feeding

    ive been having a pretty bad deficiency problem and before all the leaves yellow id like to rty and fix it. ive been reading up on foliar feeding and it seems like what i need to do. im going to use fish emulsion and kelp, has anyone tried this? what are the effects you saw, positive or...
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    high ph

    i just got a digital ph tester and it turns out my tap water is 9.0, distilled 8.5. not sure how i should test the ph of the soil, could i take some soil and mix it with tap water or the runoff after i water? and assuming my soil has a high ph, how should i lower it, im going to use lemon juice...
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    interesting... i know some of you skeptics are going to think this is ** but really listen to what they say and think about where youve heard these thing before, the first time i ever saw this i was blown away. this could seriously change your life. incase you dont feel like...
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    i took 10 clones on friday and had a few questions. i have them in one of those plastic seedling trays with a cover with 3 90w daylight cfls 1300 lumens each 5500k (best i could find), and one 150w warm white, 1600lumens, i remove the cover for about 20 mins and mist when i wake up and just mist...
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    what would you recommend?

    im ordering some nutrients online but i cant decide between the fox farm tri pack Grow big, tiger bloom, and big bloom, or advanced nutrients tri pack, grow, micro, and bloom. has anyone had any personal experience with one or perhaps both. money is not an issue.
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    variety packs

    just wondering how they are packaged, not shipped. do you get 2 of each kind? are they seperated so you know whats what? and do you only have a 1 out of 2 chances for it to be female? has anyone had experience with any sort of variety pack? and what company gives you 10 free with a puchase? thanks
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    bit of a problem

    bottom and middle leaves were turning yellow almost white from the inside out from the bottom up. i had been giving her 20oz of a 2:1 mix of fish emulsion(5-1-1) and kelp(0-0-1), since they had gotten worse after they were fed i assumed it was too much nutes, so i flushed her and she seemed to...
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    advanced nutrients

    i was thinking about order some nutrients from advanced nutrients, has anyone ever tried these,
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    organic fertilizer

    im wondering about good organic fertilzers and what combinations people have used and have had decent results with. i have fish emulsion 5-1-1 and liquid kelp 0-0-1, ive been using these together for a couple weeks and havent seen much results. also i need something good for flowering that you...
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    so i went to home depot and found warm white, daylight, soft white, and bright white cfls, i figure i need 4 bulbs for the space im using, i got two daylight but wasnt sure which other i should get. any ideas?
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    is it at all safe to clone an overwatered plant, i have one plant in some bunk soil and it has never fully dried out and my plant is starting to shows signs of being overwatered and knowing its a female i want to try and save it as quick as possible
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    does anyone have a picture of whitefly damage?
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    i had to make a new username because when i tried using my other one "dankels" it said i wasnt allowed to post anything. can anyone tell me whats up with that?