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    ph ????

    Phosphoric Acid is a good Ph down.. Mix your water, nutes and acid then check the Ph.
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    Marijuana crusader’s conviction overturned

    Back in the 1960's U.S. insurance companies sent agents and even a few doctors north to Canada to stop the implementation of Universal Health Care. Now if the U.S. system of health delivery was so much better why in the world would they spend millions of dollars to stop an inferior system?
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    boiling stems before drying??!!??

    If you are trying to look at the trichs on the plant itself you can't get it steady enough. Snip a tiny piece of leaf, place it on a white piece of paper then use your microscope.
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    Without a hood think of it as wasting half of yer lumens.. When you get to flowering you'll want all that light on yer girlies.. Installing the hood (roast pan) will take you all of 10 minutes.. The mylar would sure help as well. Good luck.
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    Question about flourescent lights

    A grower I know used six 40's overhead and three 26ers at the sides for four plants in soil on a 24/0 cycle. The harvest was great with nice sized cola's. His last grow he bought a 400 hps for the last 30 days of flowering.. The results were that the cola's were a little bigger but much much...
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    omni, Here is a trick you might try. To better focus your lights onto yer babies buy one of those throw-away aluminum roast pans. Fashion it above the light bulbs upside down. It will work like a hood and you won't be wasting lumens illuminating your ceiling.
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    A No for Hemp, Yes for Partners

    And who says Arnold ain't in Bush's hip pocket.... What a pile of crap.. Hemp farming is legal in Canada. Maybe with tobacco sales falling, more farmers will be making the switch to growing hemp..
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    2nd Grow...

    Foil will reflect but poorly. Mylar is a whole lot better. If you can't use Mylar or the Panda plastic (white one side black the other) then I'd suggest flat white paint and if you can't use that then how about white bristol board? Tack or staple it to the walls.
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    watering question

    A suggestion... Get aquainted with the weight of your buckets just before you water them. Using this method you'll get a good idea when they'll be thursty. Also watch the leaves as they get closer to watering time. You'll notice how they begin to look sort of limp lookin.. That's about the time...
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    Friedman Calls for Decriminalization of Marijuana

    "He did say that he doesn't favor making marijuana legally available for purchase." Then would leaving it in the hands of criminal gangs still be a good idea??
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    Fluro lights for flowering

    G G is right but it should also be mentioned that once you go to HPS for your flowering cycle you'll be running into heat issues in your closet.
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    What would be better

    MH lights have more blue spectrum for vegging and HPS is better suited for flowering as they have more in the red spectrum. Decisions, decisions eh..
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    Is this the age old question

    Leave them.. Never cut off leaves. It's like taking away the plants food supply. Leaves not only store nutes but are crucial for photosynthesis.
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    Another Seed Question...

    If you kept them in a cool dry place and sealed then they may be viable. Germinating a few of them will tell ya for sure..
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    rotting clones

    and if you don't see any condensation just lightly mist the inside of the dome/cover not the clones themselves.
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    Marijuana and libido-

    Seems some strains are better at it than others. But for this ole dog, MJ does help with the libido or is it all in me head?.. hehehe
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    question on room temps??

    Stoney Isn't the production of resin also to help protect against UV rays? Thought I read that somewhere....
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    What should I do?

    Hick is right! Your education is more important than weed and or friends. Once you've completed your education and begin a career the humble weed will still be around. It's all about priorities....
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    what type of soil?

    I'll tell ya from experience.. Don't use cheap time-released soil.. I wasted enough bucks on it.. For the budget minded I've found potting soil from Hortibec (Home Depot) to be pretty good. But if you can aford a higher priced soil like Foxfarm then do so. BTW I have experimentd with broken up...
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    Animal Planet, and the History Channel.

    Get out yer trusty TV Guide, open to any days TV listings. Now put a check beside each show you'd be very interested in. Bet there'll not be too many check marks.. We sure are bombarded with garbage nowadays.. It seems even the newscasts are of little substance. The same old propaganda each...