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    Cancer: Herbs can interfere with chemotherapy, doctors caution

    As the mold can be a problem due to low immune system.
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    helicopters mannn i need help

    Things that make you go hmmmm!! Cops are so sneaky
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    Is anyone interested in joining forces to start a legal entity for forcing counties in a state with medical marijuana laws to follow the law. I think that there should be some way to penalize such counties who choose not to comply. Like reduced state funding. It is time we at least try to do...
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    Largest yeild you ever had?

    I got 6 1/4 pnds from a sweet tooth plant outdoors.
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    Caregiver Laws in Oregon (I need help) Thanks!!!

    I really think if I were you I would steer clear, There are no guarantees with the law. If you get busted they will look at you from the worst view.
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    We had a community garden with 14 members fully compliant. but at harvest the sheriff came in ghastapo style (the same sheriff who I spoke with on several occasions to be compliant) and stole our medicine. What the **** is going on with our state. Charges were filed later. This sucks, now we suffer.
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    How much product/weight can you receive from one plant?

    What I said is the honest truth. My clones are completely rooted and ready to go. I said 10days veg the plants are about a foot tall and they finish about 4 1/2 feet tall. I am not B.S,ing maybe it was the strain I had it took 9weeks to finish. I cant believe you are having a hard time believing...
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    How much product/weight can you receive from one plant?

    I think it is the cambium layer but it is the gum like layer inside the stem the plant senses its enviroment and will prepare itself for it. and we only count the dryed cured and smokeable bud. Or maybe i am full of shit. Hydro sucks.
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    How much product/weight can you receive from one plant?

    O.K. I guess you need schooling, Indoors it is important to completely control the enviroment so, with that being said, the marijuana will grow to whatever limiting factor it comes to be it light, ferts, or the enviroment and genectics. From rockwool that is fulling roooting with signs of...
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    How much product/weight can you receive from one plant?

    I ran across a study in 94 done by Stanford on how to commercially grow cannabis it said the chicken wire was it. It also went into the reveg and what the loss was, I am going from memory but i think it was a 25% decrease in yeild but it reccomended that 1 time was time effective. I never tried...
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    How much product/weight can you receive from one plant?

    With a 4 light setup growing through 2 layers of chicken wire set about 2 feet above the pots and the 2nd set at about 3 foot above the 1st one, the idea is to spread the female so she grows wide, Lts at 6ft on center, plants 3 wide. a row directly under and one in between with one on the...
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    It was originally aquired in oakland cali at the third floor club
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    Geeeeeeeeeeeee Thanks
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    reveg after harvest?

    That is right Hick, from my experience it is not worth it though as you will most likely have a 25% decrease in yield and it takes a couple of weeks longer.
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    How much product/weight can you receive from one plant?

    You are right it is all about the amount of light. I can consistently produce 2 pounds per 1000 watt HPS with about 10 days veg. 6 plants per light. Remember you are growing bud not plants. Williams Wonder was the strain of choice. This is taking into consideration that the room is set up right...
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    u mean nobody has heard of goo
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    new grower questions

    In northish cali, u can find plenty of nice spots without the cutting any redwoods. the airplanes are not a big concern as long as u keep it small. i mean with the budget problems theses days, the cops are not willing to mount an effort for a few plants. but u should still be careful where u plant.
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    this is #1 dumbest question on this forum sorry

    Here's to hoping it's a lady