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    question about PH

    hey i believe i have high ph i grow in soil and only have an electrode pen tester. so i put ph down in one gallon of water so it was ph5.2 than dumped it in when it ran out the bottom it was 6.2 is this an ok way to lower ph
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    first timer wish me luck

    ok first grow germinated 3 weeks ago thursday. started with cfls then switched to 400 watt hps 8 days ago. 6 white widows bought from i germed 8 and 2 died so i will post pics but can someone give me a link to tell me how to post pics
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    help from the pros

    alright i have 6 white widow plants from seed in a 30X30"X48" tall box and i am thinking about moving to a 48"X36"X72" area just wondering will i get a much greater yield off of the plants if instead of going 12/12 at 18" i wait until they like 24" and use some lst also im using fox farms...
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    question about my leaves

    hey i know you are all just going to say i need pics. but im kind of nervous about thepics online thing ok well heres the question. my plants are now ten days old from seed and the biggest leaf on each one now has a crinkle in it the best way to describe it is that half way down the leaf it...
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    great lighting idea with CFL

    i havent tried this yet but i am in the process the cost are as follows plywood (osb) 7$ plastic light sockets 15 at 2$ a piece =30$ wire about 20ft 10$ and 15 30watt CFLs 5$ apiece then a male plug adapter that you can attach to the end of your final lead wire all bought at home depot now i...
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    help with first grow from seeds

    ok this is a long one any help would be greatly appreciated. alright starters im a carpenter and licensed electrician i have a 30" by 30 " by 54" setup painted flat white i was going to use equal parts peat moss, perlite, and soil i have organic fish type ferts of 5-1-1 for veggie stage ill...