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    Plants smell more when light go out

    Just wondering if anyother grower here notice this happening in there grow. I find it a quit enjoyable to smell this, I like think to its them saying good night, lol
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    My Outdoor Harvest 2006

    I thought I'd add some pics from my outdoor grow this summer. I started with 20 clones and after the skunks and people had there way with them I ended up harvesting 8 plants. Most of it is Afghani, but there is some Northern Lights in there as well. I didn't fertilize or do anything to them...
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    Perpetual Grow with multiple strains

    Well to start things off my setup is as follows Strains: NL, Afghani, Bag seed (containing Hempstar, Blueberry, White Russian) 1 mother/clone room 2.5’ long x 1.5’ wide x 2’ high 175 watt MH 50 cfm exhaust fan Veg room 2.5’ long x 1.5’ wide x 3.5’ high 400...
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    Joining in on the fun

    Eh whats up everyone, doing the proper thing and introducing myself. I came to share my knowledge and gain yours, I’m sure it’ll be blast. Thanks for letting me in :D dogger