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  1. Ruffy

    Flushing with sugars

    I use a carb, amino, protien for finishing flower with elite results. 20% increase in frost, terps, ect. Water soluble easy to use. Great for living soils
  2. Ruffy

    Introducing my self again. WOW miss u guys

    Yup its been awhile how is the mp forum doing?
  3. Ruffy

    %*&#^0 I have russet mites )*(&%$#

    method 1 PPS is a amazing non toxic imp or pps spray that kills all pests on contact! no pesticides out of 51 tested, GRAS listed in the usa, avalible in canada also
  4. Ruffy

    Insect frass

    Hola all canna nuts, yup im still alive. what you all think of insect frass? tell us your thoughts? uses? and how it works for pest controls. what does it do for your plants? Has any one worked with, Method 1 PPM mite control? anyone using it? thoughts and how it has worked for you...
  5. Ruffy

    broad mites with organic grow

    All i can say is method 1 ppm from grow technolagies. Coming to canada very soon
  6. Ruffy

    BeP and Super Be at 7 weeks

    agreed, top shot is sweet looking:vap_bong__emoticon:
  7. Ruffy

    Lights, camera, bud pic.

    3 pics up.... the double colas are cindy99 from here. the IBG donkey **** phenol. im sure it was c99.....
  8. Ruffy

    Lights, camera, bud pic.

    all the love and skills and tips came from the lifers that make MJP. thanks for the tips and great advice.
  9. Ruffy

    Lights, camera, bud pic.

    thanks, we need a like button! lol hows all the mj fam doing? its been awhile...... good to see so many of the old hamsters are still chasing the ladies in here.
  10. Ruffy

    Lights, camera, bud pic.

    just some new pics for the room.
  11. Ruffy

    ill welcome myself back......

    hola Rosie, how is the growing thing going? you have prob mastered the grows by now..... lets see apic?
  12. Ruffy

    ill welcome myself back......

    lol thanks all, yo umbra glad to see a few old boys still around. I have officially moved out of the ski resort life style, now its farming and soil amendment distributor in Canada with exclusive products... trim trays and de-chlorinating water filters, single ingredients, veg/bloom top dress...
  13. Ruffy

    god bud, gods ak47,medicine man, nuken, sleeskunk, sleemo, blue god

    well the Canadian gov has really messed up this ACMPR lol every 3 months wee neeed a new script lol
  14. Ruffy

    ill welcome myself back......

    and weird how I made a new profile, this post linked it to my old account? ***? im no spammer don't boot me again please
  15. Ruffy

    ill welcome myself back......

    woohoo ruffy is back and see I must have been booted for a spammer lol ob boy.
  16. Ruffy

    Comparing hid to led lights

    to all those whom wonder why people bust pjs chops, its because he is known and disliked. the past will always get ya. and I hope monkey aint over here, another pollen chucker
  17. Ruffy

    who is in canada?

    is any medical growers here in Canada/? are you still fully legal? pink slips and have not moved? send me a message if your interested in doing a soil/less grow..... all organic..... and a full tea run. no other nutes.... must be Canada....must do journal.....
  18. Ruffy

    Sea-90... Anyone use it?

    well duck dude? how is the grow? any pics?
  19. Ruffy

    how many of you buy soil???

    so with everyday growing, illegal or legal, vegetables, potting plants also. how many buy soils? how many would buy if it was available for a reasonable price? organic or veganic only. or dry amended teas? I know in the usa there are a few different type soils in a bag.... Canada not to...
  20. Ruffy

    god bud, gods ak47,medicine man, nuken, sleeskunk, sleemo, blue god

    I need to see this again in my room, Canada legal option, LP option, allard win and allowed to change adresss, or goldstars lol I mis growing "(