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  1. Mutt

    Anyone here I still know?

    Very old member that was MIA for a long long time. Anyone Around I still might know?
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    Anybody I know still here

    Been a very very long time. I just out of the blue thought of this site. Anyone I know still here? Im a retired founding member.
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    Grower's Dictionary

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  5. Mutt

    thought of you Hick

    was out tokin drinkin and smokin on backroads and came across this perty thang. thought you might like it. Perfect coat of colors :cool:
  6. Mutt

    Rodney King

    Charged with DUI on Tuesday, Rodney King claims he was under the influence of medical marijuana, not alcohol. "I had marijuana in me that I take to deal with migraine headaches and pain in my lower extremities," says King, adding: "Although I should not have been driving." King's vehicle...
  7. Mutt

    Just a few pics

    Just a couple of pics. I am not actively journaling as it is outdoor and not a big deal. mom nature does most of the work :p So here are some close by plants. I don't post many of my outdoors adventures. security and all. Lost 20 to drought :( (you med legal peeps forget how hard it is for us...
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    A wierd cross I got from a friend called "Phunt". does have some mexican sativa in it. not reveg. 3-leafer and 1 leaf is typical on this one. Odd. This one turned out to be a girl. will post up later in the season. wild toke. not a clone it is from seed. alternated nodes really fast.
  9. Mutt

    My bad

    Everyone...sorta went off like in another thread no reason to get into details, but I know when to admit I was a bad mutt. Newspapers on the head may be extreme though LOL :angrywife::hitchair: Just an I'm sorry Roddy for goin off like that. Just been gettin riled lately about stupid crap. Think...
  10. Mutt

    Can you beleive this crap?!?!?!

    YORK, SC (WBTV) - A woman in York is facing drug charges after police say three men attacked her son during a home invasion Wednesday night. According to police, three men knocked on door of the 46-year-old Mary Neely's Sunset Drive home around 9:20 p.m. According to the police report...
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    24 hours to End the War on Drugs

    It only takes two seconds to sign the petition hXXp://
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    Facebook "like" button

    On the homepage just a heads up I would not broadcast on facebook that you frequent sites like this one. LEO can and will use facebook against you. Also could tip off potential rippers. just a heads up..noticed it and seen 57 people already clicked "like" :eek:
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    Hey I got company!!!

    Tossed in some late germ Cherry Malawi beans in a bucket and stashed it out in the wood pile LOL Noticed a couple of critters. :huh: and I included a sunset pic I took the other day. :cool: Have a great Saturday everyone.
  14. Mutt

    Morel season :)

    Out doing my early spring morel hunting. Beautiful out had a massive cold front pop in drop some rain and clear up. 1.5 mile hikes once in the AM and once in PM...helps come out of that winter time funk. Along with some gifted ghetto style hash a friend gave me. :hubba: not top quality but it...
  15. Mutt

    Driver's Dog Helps Deputy in Man's Drug Arrest

    Moro, OR (AP) - A sheriff's deputy didn't need a drug dog to point out a stash during a recent traffic stop. The driver's dog did it for him. KGW-TV reports Sherman County sheriff's Sgt. John Terrel was pulling over a pickup truck Feb. 9 when he saw a sock fly out the window. It turned out...
  16. Mutt

    Signing your rep comments

    I miss the old days of thanks, and rep when it would leave a name by it. Everyone try to remember to right your rep comments and put your name behind it. Lets others know who's following along :)
  17. Mutt

    The 22nd century products for today...

    Check out the cool and interesting products at this site :holysheep: Namely science, medical, and innovation. :p hXXp://
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    just puttin up some pics for a couple of peeps :) C99xK2 is a project of mine. Also going to make K2xC99 get both sides. K2 and Cindy are very stable so should be easy to work through. I got a loooong road ahead. The F1 cross is sure showing its hybrid vigor :) One has some sign of the c99...
  19. Mutt

    Hermie Tracker

    Hermie Tracker When reporting a hermie please include the following information. Also put the strain name in the title of the post. 1. Strain name, breeder, and seed/clone supplier 2. Brief description of grow environment, and link to grow journal if applicable. Please include growing...