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  1. Johny Weed

    Order 10 white widow seeds, pay afterwards!?

    So i was looking for a new batch of some delicious White widow seeds to grow this season, so i stumbled upon hXXp://"[and their you can order 10 white widow marijuana seeds, also feminized, and pay afterwards, so when you have...
  2. Johny Weed

    Top 10 marijuana seeds

    I just stumbled upon a top 10 list of marijuana strains for 2012, what do you guys think about it? I never heard of Charas before, is that a nice strain? any one else got some top 10 listings found?:icon_smile: hXXp://
  3. Johny Weed

    Grow Software

    Hi Guys, I found some grow software on the internet, check it out. hXXp:// "Use TrueCrypt" or something to keep the software secret on your pc if needed.
  4. Johny Weed

    hi there, i am new to the forum, as to growing marijuana. I ordered some seeds lately at for me and my partner. i didn't read any on that seedbank here so i though place a little review myself for other people. 8 Days after i ordered i received the seeds, they sended it...
  5. Johny Weed

    Here is Johny!

    Hi! I am Johny Weed and love to grow seeds, I grow for a small year now and i am here to learn and share. Keep it up!