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  1. Darth BongWongDong

    6 more strains!

    Loved those big bud shots, mowi looked very nice
  2. Darth BongWongDong

    6 strain grow

    Interesting on what someone can do with a tiny space
  3. Darth BongWongDong

    Northern Lights, Kush

    I had one seed from an ounce of Kush. I was told it is purple kush, I couldnt tell, but the smoke was Kushy outrageous. First picture is the KUSH plant. The kolas are growing fast and buldgy. Second picture is of The northern Light Mother revegged and starting to budd. Third picture is of...
  4. Darth BongWongDong

    Enough to make a grown man cry (well almost)

    Red Green at the Possum Lodge said to use some duct tape!!!!!
  5. Darth BongWongDong

    error while transplanting

    a funny post.........
  6. Darth BongWongDong

    can you make a plant small?

    Put it in a size reducer beam and shrink it........
  7. Darth BongWongDong

    Wiggle it just a little bit...

    A human constantly nudging and prodding, poking like a monkey, watching every inch grow.....
  8. Darth BongWongDong

    Plant just fell over

    Perhaps your plant was drunk.......
  9. Darth BongWongDong

    Smokin Moms attempt

    Very Nice load, was the skunk super smelly? Northern lights does not smell so much........a insane chemical deathgrip!
  10. Darth BongWongDong

    Northern Lights, Kush

    Latest order 66.....
  11. Darth BongWongDong

    I need help..

    check out the nute chart in thread
  12. Darth BongWongDong

    burnt leaf

    For your info, check this out
  13. Darth BongWongDong

    Educate yourself before you grow

    its like having an encyclopedia and never looking at it......
  14. Darth BongWongDong

    Educate yourself before you grow

    I read the same problems over and over again, when there is enough info in these forumns to answer all your questions. Why keep postin the same questions with over nuted, acidic, or light burns? A digital ph tester, use half nutes, lights one to two feet to 6.0 - 6.2. If you can...
  15. Darth BongWongDong

    burnt leaf

    I think hes giving u ph for a tomatoe plant. 7 is acidic, ph to 6-6.2. You are burning your plants with your light.
  16. Darth BongWongDong

    I need help..

    You can flush them with water phed at 6.0 til the water coming out is at 6.2.......they will be fine in a few days. There is absolutely no need for ph the ten dollars, or buy a second bottle of ph down
  17. Darth BongWongDong

    Fall Grow 2008

    Some strains like to stretch, others wont. I used Dr. nodes once and it took the stretch right out, and left me with one main cola, no side nuggets, nadda. I would not use it again. You can use a plastic netting to slow the stretch, but then once in place, you can never move them, ideal for a...
  18. Darth BongWongDong

    Northern Lights, Kush

    The clones spoken of earlier back, have all flourished, and are attuning to the dark side......
  19. Darth BongWongDong

    400w bagseed soil grow!

    Congratz on the bud pick of the month Lord, it was very worthy of the title.
  20. Darth BongWongDong

    Is this a PH issue?

    I concur with excessive nitrogen.....