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    Lighting Q

    Is it possible to have too much light for a grow area? Im thinking of going with a smaller area, 5x5x4 and wanted to get a bigger light for when i can move to a larger space. Would a 600w be too big for this? I'm hoping to put down 10-20 plants in this area? Possible? Do i need more light? I...
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    Suggestions on setup

    So here's the 2 options i have. 1. Basement, approx 8x8x5 space. PROS: - Very easy to run new electrical outlets for lighting etc. - Can exchange air thru the foundation w/ a 4in vent. - Not a costly startup CONS: - Humdity is 85% - Furnace, Elec Panel, and Hot Water are all in basement...
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    Is it possible to grow in one's attic? Would the temp fluctuation be too much? Ive also thot about framing part of it out, (2 walls basically) insulating them, and growin inside that?? Again, would that really help with temp issues to grow year round?
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    Q about new guidelines

    Does this mean MPMF monitors and logs user's IP address'?
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    Pennsylvania Tokers

    Holla back. ... Centre County here.. go PSU !