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  1. rasta

    is it to soon

    I know this is an mj site but I don't face book or twitter so ill ask here daughters are getting worried about me .my husband has be gone now for over 4 years and I have become a recloses in my home ,,some days I get very lonely and would like company someone to spend time with, at time...
  2. rasta


    Happy birthday baby
  3. rasta

    greatest gift

    I hits the lottery this weekend $500 on a scratch off ticket after cashing the ticket I thought I would buy some groceries,,in front of me was a young girl with a small child they had a few things in there cart the girl went to pay with an ebt card sadly the card no funds on it ,,,the girl broke...
  4. rasta

    1000 post

    About 10 ago my husband found this little web site on growing weed.not sure what it was called it was not marijuana passion.a short time after he became a member the site named changed to what it is now ….good people great info it was more like a fellow ship people with the same mind set .i...
  5. rasta


    doubt thou the stars are fire,doubt that the sun doth move,doubt truth to be a liar,but never doubt that I loved you....w.s
  6. rasta


    lady rasta here,,need help from u kind people the bottom of my girls are drying up and dying tops for plants very good just the bottoms no good advice would be greatfull rasta used to handle all problems much thanks
  7. rasta

    just found this in his email

    rasta, We noticed you have not joined us on Marijuana Passion for a while. If you get a moment drop in and let us know what you've been up to. If you don't remember your password, you can request it here...
  8. rasta

    please help

  9. rasta

    rest in peace baby

    on oct 25 at 0616am my husband (rasta)was killed in a car crash,a drunk driver crossed the center line and hit him head on,,,,he was medivact to the hospital but there was to much damage and we lost him,,,,,,he was 47 years old and the only man ive ever loved,,,,,i am cleaning up his loss ends...
  10. rasta


    whats up guys,,,hey one of my ballest is starting to make a loud humm,,,the ballest is about three yeras old ,,,is it about to die ,,,,,,is there any thing i can do ,,,,thanks in advance
  11. rasta


    hey guys,,,,,a few ???? first is co2 worth the problem......if so what do i need ,,,,and about what should it cost me to get started ,,,thanks in advance
  12. rasta

    what it all for

    i work my butt off, i have nothing,,,the little time i get with the lady rasta we fight,,my children hate me the only thing i seem to have is my plant ,then i hear crap obout spending to much time with them ,,sometimes i wish it would all go away ,,,,,
  13. rasta

    2 400s

    hey guys,,, whats up ,quick ?,,,i have all the room in the world ,,,,what is the most plants i should grow under 2 400 hps (hortilux),,,
  14. rasta

    turning male

    hey guys ,,,whats up ,,hey ?,,,,iv been growing this ak 48 for some time now with great results,,,this is about the 3 or fourth generation,,,all the clone have been good and strong and no problems till today i was watering and noticed that one plant i up potted about two weeks ago was male ,,,my...
  15. rasta


    i see stoney has not been around in over a month,,,,,,,,,anyone know whats up
  16. rasta

    400 hps

    i want to add another 400watt hps to my grow room,,lady rasta is worried about the bill,,,,,give or take a little can any one tell me about how much it will cost to run a 400 12 hours a day ,,,,thanks god bless
  17. rasta


    otis redding is the man (i know hes dead, but still)a joint a little otis and the lady rasta is good to go ,,,,,god bless ,,,,,peace,lots of love,rastafari
  18. rasta

    thank you FruityBud

    just wanted to say thank you for all your post in mj news ,,,,,i like reading mj news section ,,,i just noticed that most of the post are by you and wanted to say thanks ,,,,,p,l,r
  19. rasta

    things going good

    just wanted to say high to my friend here,,,,dont get the chance to log in much anymore ,,,,me and the lady rasta are doing well ,,,so are my kids (they just turned 20,,,not kids anymore) oh ya smoked a joint with one of my daughters on her birthday,,,the one who moved back home ,felt a little...
  20. rasta

    how long

    been growing from clone for the last 2 years...just started seed plants into long before it will show males...I forgot thanks in advance plr