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  1. cincy boy

    Diesel Growers !!!

    I'm getting ready to get some new seeds for my indoor grow next month and I'm really intrested in these Diesel crosses. My question is does anyone have experience with growing and smoking any of them. none of my buddies have grown any and there kinda gonna be going off my word and smoke If you...
  2. cincy boy

    Triming lower branchs while in FLOWER

    First off let me say its awesome to see how this site has grown sinch I've last logged on (2007). Now to my question I just want to here peoples feedback on triming lower branchs while in flower to promote healthier growth on your main cola/colas.This has been a debate between me and all my...
  3. cincy boy


    2 weeks ago my buddie and I were rehabing this house and it just didnt seem right but we went about pulling the carpets yadayada we got to the basement and there was this dark room we just kept putting it off but when we finally got to it it was this elaberate grow room with no plants just...
  4. cincy boy

    Watering cycles

    I was just blazin some resin and was wondering how meny of you during flowering water your plants just before lights out? and how meny of you water before lights on? oh yeah and during lights on
  5. cincy boy


    Is a 400 watt MH Argosun or a 400 watt MH Sunmaster (warm) WHICH IS BETTER
  6. cincy boy


    One of my long time friends has just brought to my attention that he has 2 400 watt MH laying around hes selling me 1 for 90 dollars now my question is his dad was using them for a while when he grew and the bulbs didnt put out as much light as I thought they would so anyway I plan on buying a...
  7. cincy boy


    This forum has absolutly gone nutts in the last week all the older members know what im talking about :D
  8. cincy boy


    Happy Easter to all my fellow pot growers and smokers :)
  9. cincy boy


    Happy St. patricks day to everyone smoke mass green and drink mass beer :D
  10. cincy boy

    Ballast ?

    Iv had my 250 watt HPS for 2 years almost and I no that the ballast have to wear out some time I was wondering how often should I get a new one?
  11. cincy boy


    For my next Grow Im going to try Floros during Vegg for the first time I usally use a 250 watt HPS and that does good but looking for a change this time Iv collected two 15 watt rod floros with a high blue coler content and One 26 watt CF thats 56 watts altogether Is that enough for 8 plants or...
  12. cincy boy


    when growing indoors where would be the best place to put the sinser to read the temperature
  13. cincy boy

    clone question

    Can you clone a clone? :confused: If so is it worse or what ?
  14. cincy boy


    can you put a seed in rookwool let it grow then put the rookwool cube in soil?
  15. cincy boy

    Superb grow room

    awsome room with 1 HPS And 1 MH :eek:
  16. cincy boy

    another grow room

    Easy grow setups
  17. cincy boy

    new grow room

    nice new design Size = L 1000mm x W 1000mm x H 1965mm
  18. cincy boy

    passing a drug test and smoke the day before

    alright I learned this from an old hillbilly friend of mine that has to take drug test for his work and I'v personally tried this my self so no worries Ok theres this stuff called sur gel its used to make jellys and jams it gives them there texture the jelly feeling you buy a...
  19. cincy boy

    Best Strain

    I just had to post something in this forum i was sick of it saying NEVER :) So what does everbody think is the best strain they themselves have smoked :confused:
  20. cincy boy


    When vegging is it best to use a 20-20-20 mix in nutrient free potting mix and then during flowering to use ethier a 10-52-10 or a 15-30-15 mix and then stop feeding in week 5 of flowering