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  1. Weeddog

    Tools of the trade

    Here is a link with some good prices on ph and tds meters.
  2. Weeddog

    Overgrow strainguide

    Go here to download the strainguide from overgrow. There are two files there, the is the windows version and the other one is a mac version. File size is 10M. Check it out. login id: 420strainguide pass: HG420HG
  3. Weeddog

    Male pollen

    Does anyone know a good way to collect and store pollen from a male plant?
  4. Weeddog

    Flowering White Widow Mother

    I decided to flower this mom to make room for fresh cuttings and take new mom from them. I vegged this mom for 8 days under 800W HPS and its now into 1 week 5 days flowering. Flowers are starting to show. :cool:
  5. Weeddog

    RO water pH too low.

    The pH of my RO water has been really low here lately. Like in the mid 4's. I've been using pH up, from the hydro store, to get it in the mid to upper 5's. Is this normal for RO water to be this low on pH? What would a pH of mid 4 do to my plants? Should I adjust the pH before I add...
  6. Weeddog

    Simple clone/vegg bucket

    You can clone and vegg with this bucket.
  7. Weeddog

    Week from Harvest

    here she is, aint she cute. she's so small.... maybe she'll put out 2 or 3 oz. :D
  8. Weeddog

    White Widow Budshot

    Just thought I'd post a WW bud for yall. Week 5 of flowering.
  9. Weeddog

    Design and tutorial section

    maybe we need a section on tutorials and growroom setup and design. this would be nice to have a section everyone could post pics of their setup in. then passer byers could check it out to get new ideas.
  10. Weeddog

    HPS for Vegging

    How well would HPS do for vegging and cloning? I know it wouldnt be as good as MH but since I have a few extras would like to try them in the clone/vegg chamber.