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  1. Ruffy

    Insect frass

    Hola all canna nuts, yup im still alive. what you all think of insect frass? tell us your thoughts? uses? and how it works for pest controls. what does it do for your plants? Has any one worked with, Method 1 PPM mite control? anyone using it? thoughts and how it has worked for you...
  2. Ruffy

    ill welcome myself back......

    woohoo ruffy is back and see I must have been booted for a spammer lol ob boy.
  3. Ruffy

    who is in canada?

    is any medical growers here in Canada/? are you still fully legal? pink slips and have not moved? send me a message if your interested in doing a soil/less grow..... all organic..... and a full tea run. no other nutes.... must be Canada....must do journal.....
  4. Ruffy

    how many of you buy soil???

    so with everyday growing, illegal or legal, vegetables, potting plants also. how many buy soils? how many would buy if it was available for a reasonable price? organic or veganic only. or dry amended teas? I know in the usa there are a few different type soils in a bag.... Canada not to...
  5. Ruffy

    Master grower job

    I hope this ok for a new world of legal growing. im looking for a master grower, 25+ yrs exp , no criminal record or ties to crime at all! in soilless and hydro ect can grow in large rooms fully dialed, in a state of the art site, in b,c Canada pls don't message me if you just want a job, that...
  6. Ruffy


    good day yall, every time I come back here, the same 2 MJ pics are still up? does the main guy here not run that bud of the month? it the site run by mods only? how are you all doing????? whats new in life?????
  7. Ruffy

    super soil.....

    I don't have storage and the room but I need to mix a small batch of any solid super soil for 3-4 plants for my outside deck. 7-10 gal pots so 10 gallons of a ss. anyone have any small recipes that will work as good. with or without cooking. I can also add teas for the end so 16week soils...
  8. Ruffy

    A/C info needed

    if you grow and use A/C all yr round how much noise dose the split units condenser out side make in the winter? and wont this look fishy to a nosy person why you have a ac cranking all night or day in the winter? ive never used a ac unit with outside condensors=noisey is this a heat score for...
  9. Ruffy

    hola stoners!

    doing my site inspections to make sure all those are still alive and kickin. im doing fine, lifes changes have allowed me to move to a better area and with a lot more cronic growers in bc. ill hopefully start back up very soon, few months. hope all is well oh ya and I cant remember a site I...
  10. Ruffy


    been awhile, decided to make a post and say im alive, possible great things happening, hope all is good and living is in the sun.:vap_bong__emoticon:
  11. Ruffy

    outdoors in b.c ??

  12. Ruffy

    sativa diva seeds

    im looking for sd and want some fher beans if anyone can track her down, cheers
  13. Ruffy

    xmas grow show?

    do we have or did anyone plan a xmas grow, to finish near xmas time? I should have 7-10 nuken, sleeskunk, god bud, to chop dec 15 app then dry for xmas morn doobies. and hash making for xmas morn. no kids here lol:icon_smile:
  14. Ruffy

    legal producers canada

    so now in my area, we have federal saying its a go for l.p's and they grow and mail to patients, well the csrd, witch is the city planners and permits, made a rule were u need 75 acres of land zoned a new zoning for growing buds. most cant acess 75 acres, lol I like the new way, but the small...
  15. Ruffy

    god bud, gods ak47,medicine man, nuken, sleeskunk, sleemo, blue god

    lol title says it all. this will be my odd postings of buds every while :icon_smile: I learned a lot here after being off, for 15 yrs of growing and seen some sick stuff and done some great grows since ive come back legally, technically to NC for the sick soil!! marijuana!:eek: heres some...
  16. Ruffy

    mr nice - medician man & others

    i have 1 sativa pheno & 1 indy dom pheno imo. i wont know till buds fly. im also running, nuken, purple pheno chemo, sleeskunk, blue god, god bud, gods ak47 & all cloned also. all in verious stages. always something going on & longer veg times ect. no bud shots right now. this wont be a journal...
  17. Ruffy

    mr nice - medician man & others

    i have 1 sativa leaning mm pheno & what im thinking has more indy to it. but i wont know till buds. i also have 10 nuken from seed, 2 were started a month early & are very close to showing sex/ along with a purple pheno - chemo, god bud, blue god, gods ak47, sleeskunk. so when in flower ill...
  18. Ruffy

    warning from goodle about mp

    i wasnt allowed to enter here today. google says the site has be red flagged 9 times in last month. i got in but whats this mean? just so people or mods know. nothing much to say & im not making shat up
  19. Ruffy

    Thank you guys

    well the online b.s & drama @ cannazon has killed my online world! i want to thank everyone here that has guided, helped or giving me new tips on the indoor & od grows if it werent for this site, id be miles behind! i gained so much knowledge over the 3 yrs it would have taken me 7yrs min just...
  20. Ruffy

    snow bubble

    instead of ice, i used the snow from outside, lol i made a small amount of white rhino, & sleeskunk the greener bigger pile is slee, brown small is wr