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  1. nova564t

    Spider mites...

    I'm going to get some now.
  2. nova564t

    Wish me luck!

    Well I've been at this job for over 3 1/2 years now, unbelievable, I am happy to report that I still love it. I was hired as a seasonal employee but had them convinced to keep me on year round before the end of the first summer. My hours get cut from 40 down to 32 in the winter but I have...
  3. nova564t

    Thinking about buying vaporizer.

    Yeah, I got 2 of the Ago units for a decent price but they are nothing more than an electronic pipe. They only hold a couple of hits and you spend more time cleaning than smoking.
  4. nova564t

    Spider mites...

    Just found them in my room, its been a while since I visited here but I always know where to go for good advice.
  5. nova564t

    recently retired in Denver

    Colorado Is the place to be!!
  6. nova564t

    Herb world wide?

    I came back today after an email as well.
  7. nova564t

    Been a while, checking in.

    Its been a long time since I logged in so I just dropped by to say hey. Since my last visit they started selling for recreational here in Colorado, I have yet to visit a pot shop since I grow more than I need and have several friends that I share with now and then. As Bill Maher says "Pot is the...
  8. nova564t

    When posting photos..........

  9. nova564t

    Hello again my friends

    Its gonna take at least a year before they get everything figured out, from what Im hearing you wil be able to grow the same amount as a caregiver now, 6 max plants 3 max blooming. We will see it happen this time next year.
  10. nova564t

    Hello again my friends

    Hey everyone hows it going, its been way too long since my last visit. I let my license expire so I didnt want to post a lot but now that we voted for legal weed here in Colorado I will try to visit more often. I'm still growing the same strain, from the original clone I started with a couple...
  11. nova564t

    Happy New Year!

    Just logged on to say Happy New Year to a great group of folks!!!!
  12. nova564t

    Regularly scheduled harvest porn

    6 65 watt CFL's
  13. nova564t

    Regularly scheduled harvest porn

    Hey Duck, The first thing I should say is that I'm a big Wisconsin Badgers fan and am looking forward to a great Rose Bowl. I keep my plant small and average between 1 and 2 ozs each. I have a lot of weed on hand and I'm growing just to keep the strain going now. All my room info is here...
  14. nova564t

    Regularly scheduled harvest porn

    Its got a real heavy floral smell to it, not so skunky.
  15. nova564t

    Regularly scheduled harvest porn

    Ive been growing small plants lately, this is the yield from 2 small plants.
  16. nova564t

    How'd you come up with your username?

    I have a 64 Chevy Nova that I drag race and **** is my NHRA number.
  17. nova564t

    What's good for Labor Day Weekend?

    Dont have even one plan........well maybe one or two......:joint4: :spit:
  18. nova564t

    I'm kickin my mom out!!

    Not really stinky yet, but she sure looks good.
  19. nova564t

    We Have a Problem...maybe

    A large piece of glass is able to sink the heat and not burn, small shards of glass cant dissipate the heat fast enough and melt / burn.
  20. nova564t

    We Have a Problem...maybe

    Maybe try using a magnifier you can look through it and pick out the glass with a tweezers, time consuming but you should be able to pick it out and save some smoke.