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    first outdoorgrow need advice .....

    here's some pictures of some plants that i put out side two weeks ago(sensibloom) they have grown 8 to 9 inchs but seem to be stressed and are yellow.. in the area that im growing are some nettles and other veg northengland..thanks
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    New Hydrophonic System What Shuold I Do

    hey all. got this 50 litre hydrophonic set up .. the space between each pod is 12 inchs not alot so was thinking of doing a scrog grow with feminized seeds with limited space a scrog would be good with reasonable yeild but will have problem with 1 or 2 males popping up in the scrog that i...
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    5 lowrider2 chopped down

    here are some pics more in a bit
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    Does Smokin Around Plants Damage Them

    i see in my grow area that smoke is getting in on top of them would this harm them in anyway sound's stupid but had to ask
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    What Is The Toughest Indoors Strains

    hey guys ..i read on mandala seedbank that they have many strains that are pest and spidermite resistant and can grow in high temps , looking to get something started tomowrow..just want to see if u guys have any ideas let me know
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    help on buying a mini air con...

    :confused: where could i buy a small AC unit like about as high as coffe table and up to 12 inchs wide..ive treid lookn it up.. but the one's i seen are way to big for a tent,i bought one in a store that i paid up to $130 for and returned it straight away because it dint produce enough cold air...
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    lowrider2 indoor tent

    hey all made a invesment in a indoor tent and filter with indoor carb every things good except the lights are 2 and half foot over my 8 day old lowriders because any lower the temps rise well over 90 degree.. am i harming them because the lights are higher up than they shud be my set is 20...
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    slug pellets

    im use'n slug pellets and was wondering would they damage my plants when i sprinkle the pellets around them.. ty
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    sleping bags instead of pots cud they work?

    hey ive seen people use'n coal bags to grow their pot, thinking about doing it my self cant find the bags no where and was wondering would pillow bags do the trick. weird question but are they do-able
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    Would This Plot Be Good.. Help Me Along

    Ok Guys Got Some Early Girls And Hollands Hope That I Got Inside Puttn Them Out In A Couple Of Weeks..not Able To Dig Plots Due To A Bad Back..and Came Across A Location In A V Shaped Valley With River Blew About 50 Yards..the Future Plot Is Between 2 Rocks On A Slope I Was Thinking I Would Get...
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    pros and cons of auto flowering

    i need a tough outdoor strain first of but i was thinking lowryder or lowryder 2 whats the pros and cons of auto flowring any advice be great summer coming
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    Need Help On Quick Ways To Flush

    Im Going Away On The Paddys Weekend And Wanted To Chop This Thursday..ive Already Flushed Last Nite And This Morning And Will Flush Tonite And 2mowrrow..shud 3 Or 4 Days Of Flushing Do It..any Advice Be Great?
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    final phase

    coming on 8 weeks in flower about another 12 days to go it'll be 9 or more then..tryn like **** to get weight and thc added 2 spoons of brown sugar with a couple litres water today ..feed them with the nutes and got one more feed then flush..i bought final phase also to flush and was wondering...
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    150watt tungsten halogen flood light would they work for me..

    would these work for the mean time untill i get money some money let me know guys if i can use these for now...??
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    late harvest

    i got 5 plants that are nearly 3 months into flower..the problem is they are still growing i stopped the nutes a week ago and im just feeding it water now but it was my first grow and i stressed them well on the way up +(i'm a newbie)..about 20% percent of the plants hairs are brown i know they...
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    i have six seedlings that are 9 days old they look good but in my propogater the humidity is high 80% so i took the lid of and the humidity went down to 60% should i keep the lid off now that the humidity is at 60?
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    outside grow in europe

    any body try a grow in england not sure if the temps are right might try it next it worth.. il try
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    light question

    i have my seedlings that are 9 days and are growin fast my question is i have them under the floro lights on 24 hrs in need to switch soon to 18/6. thanks
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    were the lucky one's

    :rolleyes: i figured most people here smoke mj..and was wondering o n how you feel about a smoker and nonmoker's..well my life today is a lot better when i smoke more productive more social etc i could go on really. and this is becoz of mother earth and my friend mj could not...