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  1. flymadness

    Seen Any Good Movies???

    i would have to agree with everyone else here, 300 was amazing its the perfect movie just enough dialogue to turn to ur buddy and say "did you just see that?!" haha perfect. i know im a few months late for this one but i think lucky number slevin was an amazing movie as well, you just didnt see...
  2. flymadness

    Tea or Coffee anyone?

    a nice cup of tea in the morning is the best thing in the world, nice tall mug, little bit of milk and 2 teaspoons of sugar, amazing! im not so big on coffee, like bubby said its reserved for either doing papers or studying when its necessary :P
  3. flymadness

    show off your critters

    as far as smell goes for ferrets its all about how much you clean them im pretty sure. my friend has two and they only smell a bit when he is lazy and hasnt bathed them. but they are so much fun and so crazy, if i could afford it i would have one!
  4. flymadness

    show off your critters

    hahaha yeah i know, not a fan of the bathwater at all, ya cant see it from that pic but i had a nice long slice on my hand :p. but she was dirty so it had to be done :D
  5. flymadness

    show off your critters

    Just a few random pictures of my kitten Thor.. :)
  6. flymadness

    Playing music when high

    well i find that the music flows a lot, like i get some many ideas on colorful drumrolls and great beats but i dont have ability the actually play them, i end up hitting everything but the right drum ive actually hit my leg and bruised myself before lol, maybe i should try playing guitar when...
  7. flymadness

    Playing music when high

    im a drummer and i have noticed that when i get high my playing goes straight into the toilet. just wondering if anyone here is a musician and if they find the same affects. people say it makes you more musically creative but man does it ever mess up my coordination! :p
  8. flymadness

    How smart are you?

    yes! i got a 9 out of 11, im an honor student aparently! lol man some of those are really tricky!
  9. flymadness

    Song to smoke to

    If i had to go with one song i would have to choose "Santa Monica" by Bedouin Soundclash, really sweet Canadian band, i would suggest anyone who hasnt heard of them to check em out, worth it for sure!
  10. flymadness

    playing high

    hahaha awesome! im a few days late on this post but i would love to add that dig dug is bitchin when high. i have it on my cell phone so i can play it no matter where i am! awesome.
  11. flymadness

    Ack! i've got mold!

    damn, i figured that. oh well at least its not too much lost. how would i go about making hash from it? its probably somewhere on this site but do you have a link? or any pointers? thanks
  12. flymadness

    Trippy Movies

    you are all forgetting about half-baked! that is such a good stoned movie. come to think of it any Dave Chapelle is pretty good. oh! or Eddie Murphy Delirious, now that is sweet; however i watched that the first time i ever got high so it might just be good for me :P
  13. flymadness

    Ack! i've got mold!

    hey, i got a big problem! my buds have been drying out for about a week and a half now, i forgot to check them for the past 2 days, and when i checked them today there was mold on them! help! is there anything i can do to save them or am i screwed? thanks a lot guys!
  14. flymadness


    yay 4-20 day! im so high! lol just thought i would share that! wooo!
  15. flymadness

    Early harvest?

    naw there is no way i can bring it with me. but will it still get me stoned? is there still THC except in lower levels? im just wondering if i should just chuck it out. thanks!
  16. flymadness

    Early harvest?

    hey all! i have a plant that has been in flower for a while however it is about 2 or 3 weeks from being ready, however i have to move out of this house, so im going to chop it down anyways but will it be worth it for me to dry and smoke whats there? or will it just make me cough a lot? lol. thanks!
  17. flymadness

    1week 5days pic hows it look

    looks like a happy plant to me :)
  18. flymadness

    going to try an experiment!

    hahaha, thats awesome! i was just going to do this as an experiment and it turns out i can get a little bit of bud from it? rockin! thanks all, ill see what i get from this one and then in sept i will be back with better stuff. looking at seeds for then has anyone ever grown California Orange...
  19. flymadness

    going to try an experiment!

    hey all! i have a plant that i know i cant get finished up in time, as i mentioned a week or so ago. and i am going to try to force it into flowering at 4 weeks and 6 inches tall. yes i know this is pretty retarted and it will not work well at all but like i said i have no way to get it done in...
  20. flymadness


    hey man, i dont know about the vaporizer but for the other it would help if we had some more info. 1. Soil or Hydro? 2. If hydro what type bubble, ebb and flo, etc.? 3. ferts/nutes used? Soil mix? 4. Lighting: Florous, HPS, MH, or mix? wattages? 5. PH if known? 6. What stage of growth? 7...