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    :)cant decide between b52 an citra any ideas oh im indoors:)
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    how good does vinegar clean out thc

    i was wondering how well does vinegar clean your system? i have a drug test in 2 weeks and i was told that vinegar cleans it real well so i am drinking a jar of pickle juice a day to clean me out. any information would be greatly appreciated. (and on the day of the test i will also be using the...
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    Check out this cannibi lab

    This house in Tennessee was raided by Feds and what they found was quite shocking.
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    anyone know where i can come across some excellent redhair seed, the redhair flow stopped here and i miss the taste.
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    grow room

    i am setting up a grow room on tuesday, i am able to make it 6'x10' it has a window about 1'x2', it is in the basement 2 walls cement and two walls waiting to be built. there is also no hazardous traffic in the basement. i am willing to spend between 150-350$. and i only want to have to go to a...
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    moldy mj

    does making weed mold make it better?