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  1. Red Rock

    Need Grow Slabs?

    Multi-Plant Grow Slabs by RedRock Block North American manufactured, multi-plant stonewool grow slabs for commercial and industrial growers now available at RedRock Block. New Pro-Line Stonewool Grow Slab Features and Benefits: Sourcing of clean raw materials in North America Consistent...
  2. Red Rock

    Need Starter Blocks?

    Need Starter Blocks? Try RedRock Block's New Stonewool Starter Blocks Offered in 4"x4"x2.5" & 4"x4"x4"; the perfect size to fit over RedRock Block's Grow Block's Stonewool Solo Slabs, Mini-Slabs, and Multi-Plant Slabs... RedRock Stonewool Starter Block PRO w/ 42/40 Hole – 4 in.x 4 in. x 2.5 in...
  3. Red Rock

    NEW Solo Grow Slabs & Mini SOLO Slabs

    RedRock Block Solo Flowering Slabs & Mini Solo Slabs New Solo Grow Slabs & Mini Solo Slabs! RedRock Block now offering rectangle SOLO grow slabs and the all-new MINI SOLO grow slab as additional stonewool grow media size options for commercial and industrial growers! Currently offered in...
  4. Red Rock

    Need Starter Media?

    Hello MarijuanaPassion members- New Line of North American Manufactured Commercial/Industrial-Grade Stonewool Starter Media Available at RedRock Block! Calling all commercial and industrial growers! Start your plants or clones off in some of the cleanest, purest, and finest stonewool starter...
  5. Red Rock

    Premium Stonewool Grow Media

    New Line of North American Manufactured Commercial/Industrial-Grade Stonewool Grow Media Available at RedRock Block: Multi-Plant Grow Slabs Available By the Shipping Container! RedRock Block now shipping out of 4 locations nationally and internationally. Let us know what you need! Call for...