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    any one in here ride, and if you do what do you have.
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    AZ growing

    Ok I moved to Arizona a few mounths ago, wanna grow here but kinda scared in the big city, about how safe it is, dont wanna get busted. Any good tips?
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    just past my pre employment piss test

    I just past my pre employment piss test, all I did was take crannbery pills the afternoon before all the way to that morning, the day before drank like a gallon of water through out the day, and close to that day, and took my multi-vitems that day, but take everyday, and I pissed clean. I also...
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    not so new

    Hi all not new but I havent been on for a long long time so I thought I would here. I quit smoking for a while, but I am here to stay.
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    high at work

    Late at night, a small crew of gray-souled technicians quietly scatter throughout your workspace. With small chemical wands, they swab phone cradles, keyboards, faucets, and doorknobs, tag and bag the evidence, then head to the lab, where they test for trace amounts of a variety of drugs. Not...
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    carpal tunnel

    Does anyone here smoke pot to help with carpal tunnel? And how well does it work for you???
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    help on hydro selection

    Ok I am total in the dark on hydro systems. I am thinking of giving it a try. I am just stumbed on which system to buy. I only want to grow 3-4 plants at a time. something basic tell I learn more. Any suggestions???
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    cailifornias medical mj

    My buddie just got his medical card and said it was the easyist thing ever. How easy is it in you home state?
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    playing high

    When I get high I like to play games on my PC. What games do you like to play and on what system?
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    hash vs. keef

    hash or keef. What do you like better? I like golden hash myself.
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    holy crap gas is expensive. It's now 3.25 as of yesterday and proble more today. How much is it were your at?
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    just got my first vaporizer and was wondering what was the best way to smoke out of it. ground up pot, hash, ir keff?
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    I heard that black lights set pot plants into a deep sleep. Has anyone ever heard of that?
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    clone sex sample

    One of my feiends that used to grow was telling me that when he wanted to tell the sex of his plants he would take a clone lable them then put them on a 12 -12 lighting to do his sexing. What do you think?
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    pot tv

    this site is new to me, but maybe thats just me.
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    HID lighting

    check out this web site I found it's called mini sun 250 hps it has 28,500 lumens. It's a HID light It cost only $165. How does this sound?
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    birth control pills

    Any one ever heard, or used birth control pills for there plant.
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    NYC. deisel?

    Has anyone ever smoked this strain?
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    new here

    HEY new to the form just wanted to say hi, and cant wait to start growing!!!
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    soil mixture

    If I go soil whats the best soil mixture???