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  1. 4u2sm0ke

    So we can trade now huh?

    Ive read a few posts now where they say they gifting and or trades...and All most every Mod/Admin read the same posts?...So I see we can trade now???
  2. 4u2sm0ke

    indoor..going OUTSIDE

  3. 4u2sm0ke

    Bayby brain cancer healed with cannabis

  4. 4u2sm0ke

    Happy Valantine's Day Ladies

    :heart: Sure hope you get that Love on today:hubba:
  5. 4u2sm0ke

    New Movies

    okay lets talk to the movie critics... tonight we rented "Last Vegas" ... Funny stuff....But I wouldnt buy it for my collection any new movies you Like ....Im not a popcorn eater either But love Lays chips:D
  6. 4u2sm0ke

    Crime Dog Busted

    HOUSTON – A Houston man who once portrayed McGruff the Crime Dog has shown his commitment to crime fighting apparently wasn't very deep. John R. Morales was sentenced this week to 16 years and three months in federal prison on drug and weapons charges after police found more than 1,000...
  7. 4u2sm0ke

    enjoy the Games

  8. 4u2sm0ke

    Monkey Balls

  9. 4u2sm0ke

    Purple Diesel..niteshft

  10. 4u2sm0ke

    Doja Bubba Berry

  11. 4u2sm0ke

    Blue Dream

  12. 4u2sm0ke

    Who is.....Auburn1985

    This Member needs to be shown the Door/exit....He is a basher and Asshat so if this member isnt relocated for action he has done...Ill bring his crap out in the open Hit the Fkn Road Auburn....and take your stupid azz crap with you
  13. 4u2sm0ke

    PinkZilla...By 420benny

    okay friends of the Growing world...I cant share here with my Crew but can share the grows I hope...I just :heart: 420benny work. been growing his pollen chucks for a few years now and just amazing to watch him do his thing. To Bad he dont care to come here anymore as He is a great...
  14. 4u2sm0ke

    Lets see your pets

    okay friends..I thought there was a thread on this all ready..But I couldnt find I start this one for lovbstoned here is my Doggie ...her name is Kandi ..for those that dont know... okay now lets see your pets Mp
  15. 4u2sm0ke

    WA State LCB releases rules
  16. 4u2sm0ke

    Lets see those Punkins

    I sure miss the BrotherGrunts contests....Lets see what yall heve:cool: :48:
  17. 4u2sm0ke

    Happy Birthday Gone2Pot

    :heart: Enjoy your Day Girl :48:
  18. 4u2sm0ke

    Were was you this Day ..9/11

    I was on my way to work and watched it All on the clients Tele...Is a Day Ill Remember forever...
  19. 4u2sm0ke

    Nirvana Arrested

    Would like to know what the Site plans to do now that The sponsor is Busted?....Also how do they protect your security?...Ive read that the popo got names and addresses from their computers for sales..Not sure that is a good thing...
  20. 4u2sm0ke

    Clone fems/Regs

    Hello passion :bong: and Happy smoking from Seattle:D...Ive grown a few Femenized beans out now and for what ever reason I just cant seem to clone them...try and try...I know some strains are tougher to clone ...But what ya think on the feminized being cloned?..or should I say...