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  1. nova564t

    Been a while, checking in.

    Its been a long time since I logged in so I just dropped by to say hey. Since my last visit they started selling for recreational here in Colorado, I have yet to visit a pot shop since I grow more than I need and have several friends that I share with now and then. As Bill Maher says "Pot is the...
  2. nova564t

    Hello again my friends

    Hey everyone hows it going, its been way too long since my last visit. I let my license expire so I didnt want to post a lot but now that we voted for legal weed here in Colorado I will try to visit more often. I'm still growing the same strain, from the original clone I started with a couple...
  3. nova564t

    No time to post but still here.

    Hey everyone thought I would check in, its been a busy summer and have had no time to visit. I will try to update my grow journal soon as I have a nice outdoor grow going as well as my regular closet grow. Hope everyones doing well. :banana: :banana: :48: :banana: :banana:
  4. nova564t

    Regularly scheduled harvest porn

    Harvested 1 of my 3 bloomers today. This was an intentionally small plant, bloom for 65 days looks like a little over 1 oz.
  5. nova564t

    EMERGENCY I screwed up bad!!

    Tell me how bad this is: I accidentally added 5ml iso alcohol to my nute water thinking it was peroxide, 1 gal then watered my 3 blooming ladies with it I noticed it right away and started flushing. Will they be alright? HELP!!!
  6. nova564t

    RIP Dr. Jack Kevorkian

    We lost a true hero of the medical profession last night. RIP Dr. Jack!!!!
  7. nova564t

    I'm kickin my mom out!!

    My mother plant has gotten too big so i'm gonna put her outside. Am I gonna run into problems going from passive hydro to soil? I grow in just perilite so I was gonna put some in the hole so I dont stress the roots so much. Any suggestions on switching nutes? I use GH 3 part plus Kool bloom now...
  8. nova564t

    Seen any good concerts lately?

    A friend and I went to see Chris Cornell last Friday night at a small venue in Aspen Co (450 max cap). He played the whole show acoustic and it just plain ROCKED!! Great show, if he comes to a theater near you I recommend it 100%.:headbang: :headbang2: :guitar: So how bout it? Seen any good...
  9. nova564t

    MMJ for my dog??

    A few months ago my 9 year old mutt started having seizures, the vet put her on Potassium Bromide and that stuff turned her into a moody angry beaaach. We decided it would be better for her to have a seizure every now and then cause she just wasnt our happy dog that way. The next choice was some...
  10. nova564t

    Almost, cut my hair, it happened.......Oh wait I did cut my hair!

    I haven't had short hair since 1992 Before After
  11. nova564t

    Wish me luck!

    I've got an actual job interview on Monday morning, and its something I might enjoy instead of forcing myself to go to a job that I hate everyday.
  12. nova564t

    MMJ activist shot

    If you were around just a few days before the crash, you will remember Prof. Marijuana. I suggested to him that he check out this site, well he did and it didn't work the way I thought. I'm still friends with him and saw this morning that he was shot last night, he's OK, saw pics of him sitting...
  13. nova564t

    Motorheads and Hotrodders

    How many motorheads are out there? Let me see your rides! This is my '64 Chevy II Nova It has a 68 Corvette 327 CI bored to 332, 12.5:1 compression pistons, World's Sportsman II heads, Power-glide trans with trans brake, and 488 rear gears It runs 12.80 sec at 103 mph in the 1/4 mile I...
  14. nova564t

    Why we clip clone leaves

    The friend that got me started on this told me when cutting and rooting clones to clip the tips of the leaves, I was told this helps rooting and helps to tell new growth from old. I was wondering is this true and if not why do we do it?
  15. nova564t

    The case of the missing paperclip!

    I know of at least 1 person that cant find the paperclip anyone else??
  16. nova564t

    A step by step guide to posting photos!!!!!!!!!

    I went and got this from a sticky and added the other instuctions so its all in the same place!! How to resize and post pictures -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) Click mannage attachments (2) Click browse (3) Locate your...
  17. nova564t

    A Combo Journal.

    I'm not working much so I thought I would do a journal with a combo of several grows at stages along the way I'm gonna try to get a complete grow in pics up here in the next few days. Ok the strain is mostly Puna Budder but theres a hash plant in there in a couple of photos that I will point...
  18. nova564t

    novas mini clone setup

    Hey everyone, this is my simple cloner. This is Mom, Ive taken a couple dozen cuttings off her so far. I use a stainless bowl, fill with nutes/water, put in my fish bubbler rock, cover to keep the light out fo the water, plug it in under the lights keeping it full I bubble for two weeks or...
  19. nova564t

    What da problem is?

    These have been in 12/12 for 5 weeks now and the buds are completely different from all my previous plants. Did they hermi?? This is what all my others looked like after just a couple weeks in bloom.
  20. nova564t

    When posting photos..........

    I have noticed since we went back to old server people have been posting photos without attaching them to the post. When you finish downloading, go up to the top and click on the paper clip attach the photos and they will appear with your post. I hope this helps!