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  1. burner

    Possibly Broad and or Russet Mite Issue

    Hi everyone! Setup: 4’x2’x5’ tall tent in finished basement bedroom + window is open for fresh outside air 600w HPS/MH 1 gal Smart Pots (going to scrog) Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil Water PH’d to 6.2-6.5 (always bubble to evaporate chlorine and what not) Tent temp: 65-78*F and 30-45%...
  2. burner

    This Summer's Garden Set Up

    Framed and fenced the garden today. It's 16' x 13' ...grew in this spot last year, but with just moving in the house I didn't have time to get it properly set up. Also built a compost bin off to the left. Planning on running 2 sprinklers in there in the next few weeks. Can't wait to get growing...
  3. burner

    Basement Tent Setup - Looking for some input

    Hey all, not sure if any of you remember me from a few years back with this LA Confidential micro grow: Took a few years off, made some major life changes and ready to start up again with a proper setup. Just want to get some...
  4. burner

    What's good for Labor Day Weekend?

    What's up everyone....enjoying the weekend? I've been cleaning out the garage all morning. Awesome, I know:eek: Switching it up a bit from the normal holiday BBQ's...Heading into Philly on Monday to get some breakfast at a great spot, then spending the day in the city and going to the Phillies...
  5. burner

    The LOFT Build - In the shed with burner

    Alright ladies and gents, I decided to step my game up and build a proper grow room. No more micro grows for me. I decided my Loft is the best spot to do this, it's going to be a lot of work, but i'm hoping to have it done within 5-6 weeks. This room will only be used fall/winter/spring. I'm in...
  6. burner

    emmm some fresh brewed tea

    I picked up some free rabbit manure off craigslist today. Filled (2) 5gal. buckets......and here's the tea:) This is what i'm feeding to my outdoor girls in flower: 3 gal of rain water. Filled the sock with the rabbit manure, put an air line in and a stone to weigh it down. 1 cup Fox Farm Bulb...
  7. burner

    survived my first earthquake!!

    East coast just had a 5.8 ...Take that Cali:hubba: ...i think it was Virgina to Boston...either way, it was freaky
  8. burner

    sweet stash jar

    My good buddy at work gave me this today, his old friend used to blow glass and made these killer jars years back. ....oh and the sour diesel that was in it wasn't bad at all either:D
  9. burner

    LA Confindential Scrog---Harvest

    Chopped her down at 9am this morning..I gotta say I think I got way more than I anticipated. 267.92g wet, I'm thinking i'll get 60g~ dry :D ...The buds are like rocks...very very dense, there actually wasn't too much trimming involved. All in all I could be looking at 60g in a 15"x19" space...
  10. burner


    Anyone watch Weeds on Showtime? I've been watching since the first season and love it....but tonight's episode in "Humboldt" and the really fake outdoor grow...thumbs down :(
  11. burner

    Made a compost bin today

    I've been wanting to do this for a while and had some time today to slap together pallets I had laying around. Basic 3x3x3 ...took about 30 min to put together. Hopefully i'll be making some tea soon:) What do you guys do in the winter time to keep the bin cooking? I was reading that during...
  12. burner

    High Times - The Ultimate Grow with Jorge Cervantes

    If anyone downloads torrents, I stumbled upon this little gem last night and it rocks. An hour and a half of how to grow herb, it covers everything. I highly recommend it:aok: hXXp://
  13. burner does your molasses smell?

    Gotta say mixture right now (1tbs / 1 gal. of water) smells soooo soo rancid after a few days. Been watering with it for the past 3 weeks, and it's my first time using it so i'm not sure if it's supposed to smell like poo. Right now i'm flushing so my mix is just water and molasses. Should...
  14. burner

    Can filter or something else?

    I need to re-think my scrubber design. I built benamucc's DIY ( and it worked OK in the beginning. Lately my LA con has been stinking up my garage. The high heat and humidity have something to do with it as well (I think). I have an...
  15. burner

    Marijuana Book Recommendations

    Hey all ...placing an order on tonight or tomorrow, the wife wants some books. Figured I should treat myself as well. I heard 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes' by Jack Herer is great. Any other recommendations would be great...thanks!
  16. burner

    burner's outdoor 2011

    Just a little something I have goin on at the moment.. First pic is an unknown seed from really dope herb from a few months ago. Just a huge tall stalk about 4-1/2' tall right now. Has white hairs all over and started to get red hairs last week. Second is California Hash, topped once 2 months...
  17. burner

    LA Confindential Scrog

    What's up everyone...thought I could share what I have goin on at the moment. Started to flower 3 weeks ago, she's 66 days old...definitely adapted well to scrog. Flower chamber is 15"x19"x28" tall, light sits on top totally concealed. both chambers vent into a smaller chamber up to and the...
  18. burner

    Happy Frog Fruit & Flower granular 5-8-4 useage

    I was at my local horticulture store yesterday (favorite store ever) and picked some of this stuff up for my outdoor fruit and veggie garden as well as my outdoor herb. Never did an outdoor garden before and this is my first run of herb outdoor as well. So, the package states for established...
  19. burner

    Slight light leak

    Switched over to flower yesterday and noticed I have a slight light leak. My flower space and veg/clone/mother space are right next to each other in the same cabinet, both are exhausted into a small blocked off space at the top, then air is scrubbed out. I have some light coming thru 2 PC...
  20. burner

    Scrog Screen Size

    I just made my screen out of some extra plastic yard fence I had laying around. The squares are 1"x1", I've seen scrogs with chicken wire and stuff around this size, but also with bigger squares, 2"x2" mostly. Just looking for some input on the pros and cons of each size. I do have the option of...