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  1. thomas 11111

    Soaking seeds.

    I decided to try soaking a bean before planting. It's only been soaking for about 6 hours and it sank already. Does that mean it's ready to plant? If it is left in the water longer will it die?
  2. thomas 11111

    Who won Mat M.V.P.?

    I can't seem to find the results. If someone could fill me in I would greatly appreciate it! I meant May M.V.P.:doh:
  3. thomas 11111

    Thank you all!!

    When I first got into this I was in it for the DOPE! You have all made it more than that for me. I have loved MJ for many years but for the buzz. You have all opened my eyes to the fun of it. The challenge if you will. I never knew the work and knowledge that it took to grow a successful...
  4. thomas 11111

    Make your own rooting hormone.

    I found this in a cannabis package on different growing methods that I dloaded. How do I make my own Rooting hormone? Cut some willow branches (All willow species produce this natural rooting hormone), into 2" or 4" long pieces (enough pieces to fill a bowl). Put the willow cuttings into a...
  5. thomas 11111

    Thomas 11111 first grow AK-48 revised.

    I have decided to redo my first grow journal. I saw the post on geotracking and since my photos were all taken with my phone I opted to delete my grow in fear of being tracked. Upon further checking into my phone I found out that it doesn't have it. I will be starting from week 1 of flowering...
  6. thomas 11111

    A quick question

    Anyone who has looked at my grow journal can tell I have had a really rough first grow. I have one female who is 1 week into flowering. My question is: Can I clones the bottom branches that aren't really going to amount to much and veg them for a week to ten days and then flower them in hopes...
  7. thomas 11111

    Hello to everyone!!

    I would like to say hello to everyone. I am a newbie who has embarked on my 1st growing expierince. I am growing AK-48 by Nirvana for my 1st grow.