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  1. PencilHead

    PM problems

    Hey, people. Been a while. I keep trying to PM Hammie but the message doesn't seem to be getting sent. Am I holding my mouth wrong or something? Hammie, drop me a PM if you will--relocating my dog and pony show and need a sparky. Take care and be well, everyone.
  2. PencilHead

    Rice Hulls/Husks

    Hey, boys and girls. Hope everyone is doing well and reasonably happy. Question: Does anyone have a source for rice hulls? Or husks if you prefer that term. I can find a shipping container full from Thailand or a baggie full for making your own Miller Lite, but no reasonable amount. I'd go for...
  3. PencilHead

    What's up?

    Hey, babies. I thought this place was going away. Hope this note finds everyone well and reasonably happy.
  4. PencilHead

    Merry New Year

    Miss most of you. Be back later in the year to annoy. Peace, Love-- I took myself down to the cafe to find all the boys lost in books and crackling vinyl And carved out a poem above the urinal that read Don’t you cry for the lost Smile for the living Get what you need and give what you’re...
  5. PencilHead

    Crazy Foxtailing

    These girls look almost obscene. They got a date with fate this Friday evening too.
  6. PencilHead

    Eyeclops Cheese

    Bout ready?
  7. PencilHead

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    RIP Gil Scott-Heron
  8. PencilHead

    Is there an entomologist in the house?

    Been having problems sprouting in soil for a while. A few sproutings back I noticed these boogers in a popped bean, sprayed down, began adding Therengensis to my soil mix, carried on. Got a few strains up and then the problems started again. No probs sprouting or cloning in starter plugs, but...
  9. PencilHead

    1800watts HPS vs 12,000BTU Mini-split

    And the winner is... Pulled the trigger on the mini-split, let it sit out there on the patio and intimidate me for a week or two, sucked it up and got busy. Pumped it down finally this weekend. Test run yesterday--went from 82 degrees to 76 degrees in like 10 to 12 minutes. Still 76 this...
  10. PencilHead

    Mothers' Day seed mama

    7 1/2 to 8 week strain I took out like ten weeks to get the beans ripe. Carrying seeds hasn't really seemed to hinder her sticky or stinky.
  11. PencilHead

    Clearex Question

    I've been getting some light to nuisance salt-bonding issues using this coco mix. I was gonna pick up some Clearex and went on the Botanicare site to check it out. Here's the recipe: 3.0% glucose 1.5% sucrose 95.5% inert ingredients So...
  12. PencilHead

    Hemp Depot happy ending

    Gotta shout about my friends at Hemp Depot. A few months back I ordered seeds, recieved them promtly as always (7-10 there/ 7-10 days back to me). Tried sprouting my fav, one I'd grown out several times before, and failed miserably. Tried both Happy Frog and Organicare that I had leached out...
  13. PencilHead

    Smuggling What???

    Report: Orlando man accused of illegally importing cockroaches January 27, 2011|By Orlando Sentinel An Orlando man was arrested Wednesday night after authorities said he was caught smuggling foreign cockroaches into the state, according to a report. According to the report, the roaches...
  14. PencilHead


    Anyone using a silica suppliment? Any input? Does it increase cell wall strength? Does it help with heat stress? What about pH issues when using it? What brand are you using and why that brand? Would DE do the same thing as an expensive (sorta/kinda expensive) additive would...
  15. PencilHead

    released back into the wild

    Waited a few days or weeks to post this so I wouldn't blow my anonimity: My doctors at the university hospital released me back to my general phys. 5 1/2 years of chronic vomiting syndrome, I'm good and we have our life back. Catch up time. MJ is a large part of the cure and all my doctors...
  16. PencilHead

    Dropping the Gravity bomb this week

    Any last minute advice on Gravity? Did everyone who's used it flush before using? Straight water flush? Legal, didn't you say you flushed with Mole-asses? Did everyone stop with the Snow Storm or keep going with it? (I'm too far south to foliar feed, even this time of year for the...
  17. PencilHead

    T5 vs T12 & T5 vs 400MH Techie Stuff

    Looking into T5s and found this if anyone cares. It's too technical for me to get a lot but it's got some pretty cool charts. hXXp:// hXXp://
  18. PencilHead

    Ready to Pollenate

    Need suggestions, guidance and prayers to protect against stray pollen. Collected the pollen in folded paper bindles. I've got both frozen and fresh (maybe 2 weeks old). Which is better? Saved a lower branch for this purpose that I would have ordinarily lost in popcorning. My...
  19. PencilHead

    Cheer up

    Got Rotties, got Currs, got Blue-Tick coon hounds, got pansies. Wait, what--pansies? Holland's best, right here.
  20. PencilHead

    Pheno or Sicko?

    Three WW, all treated exactly the same. Still in super-veg mode, maybe 2 months old, from seed. Running pH around 6.5. Started in 2 gallon FFOF, then went into 15 gallon Organicare Pure Earth Aeration (coco coir). All 6 FF nutes. All three look nice and healthy but this one and only this...