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  1. Mutt

    The Original Old Farts Club

    Hi 2006 here
  2. Mutt

    Anyone here I still know?

    Very old member that was MIA for a long long time. Anyone Around I still might know?
  3. Mutt

    Home of the Old Fart's Club part 2

    Hello!! I feel old. But burned off a ton of wood cut offs from my shop, burned a downed Bradford pear, cooked dinner and watching bruce lee.
  4. Mutt

    Anybody I know still here

    Still growing ;-)
  5. Mutt

    Anybody I know still here

    Hey bro!!! Hello hemp goddess and hamster I remember y'all.
  6. Mutt

    Anybody I know still here

    Life's good. Got married again lotta life changes. But still rocking a 600w. Will start bumping around again. Keep it green :-)
  7. Mutt

    Anybody I know still here

    Been a very very long time. I just out of the blue thought of this site. Anyone I know still here? Im a retired founding member.
  8. Mutt

    Grower's Dictionary

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  10. Mutt

    Fighters Intercept Drug-Carrying Cessna Near Air Force One

    don't forget flying cruise ships!!!! :hubba: About the same amount of time they heard over their radio. *single engine Cesna*...."Hey Bob!!! Let's really screw with this weed smuggler" ;) If I was that Pilot...seeing two jets come at me that fast locked and loaded. I might just have jumped...
  11. Mutt

    Drug test heads up

    I love swab tests. They really just check if you have been under the influence recently like the past 24hrs. not like blood and urine that go back weeks. I think that is a fair test, even though I am completely against random testing and testing should only happen by court order, such as work...
  12. Mutt

    Does heavy traffic and ppl cutting you off?

    Take it you never been to So. Fla. Trust me he isn't giving out any info LOL It don't look big on a map...but trust me, that is no where near enough info. I took several defensive motorcycle courses...just for that reason there. (i used to ride...but being a dad means i have to stay alive for...
  13. Mutt

    Feds are raiding left and right

    It's a mess man. Our policies are crap and all they do is write more. Hindering our economy not encouraging it. Imagine if they let private sector do their thing ;) Let the market sort itself out...always worked in the past. If there is such a high demand and 50% of the population are fine with...
  14. Mutt

    As a grower, how is your perception of time?

    As grower that makes me a toker and time is of no consequence, I wake up everyday with a smile on my face and no worries. I have very little short term memory and no use for rigid schedules....does anyone know what day it is? :p I know it's fall is about all and i enjoying my harvest. :icon_smile:
  15. Mutt

    Feds are raiding left and right

    unemployment rates only are reflective of those recieving unemployment benefits. If you do not get a check you don't count as unemployed. Media loves to toy with those numbers. It's like the govt creating jobs. the only jobs they create are tax burdens for the private sector.
  16. Mutt

    Rosebuds dirt journal

    Top dress with worm castings. no risk of burning and has mainly N. ;) and it is readily available, does not need a break down period.
  17. Mutt

    Qadaffi/Gaddafi/Khadafy/Whoever's flag

    so is mine :p
  18. Mutt

    Just a few pics

    Hiddee ho. NG choppers late this year for many :) took a pic of my Blue mystic x K2 pheno that is lost for ever. This bud makes ones mind race...sorta freaky the first 10 min or so...just won't quit goin up :cool: Grabbed one final harvest pics of the Cherry Malawi had little time had...
  19. Mutt

    MMJ and Gun Collecting

    so much for the second amendment A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. So basically by that PDF the ATF is in direct violation of the second amendment by denying the people of a free...