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  1. load3dic3

    brown spots??

    Hush... I'm using ff happy frog soil, the pots r 3 gl, I feed em just until I see water coming out the bottom of the pots. .. my process to mixing my bytes is 5 gl bucket of Ph water then I add the micro first then all the rest of the nuts... I adjust the Ph 24 hrs after I add nutes with gh Ph...
  2. load3dic3

    brown spots??

    First two pics are the flower closet, last three are the clones!! Plz help!!
  3. load3dic3

    brown spots??

    I use gh 3 part, I feed once a week and I adjust the Ph to 6.3 before I feed
  4. load3dic3

    brown spots??

    Hey guys... Idk what is going on with my plants in flowering? The lower leaves are yellow with brown spots on them?
  5. load3dic3

    clones in need of help!!

    Thx RB ... I will flush the clones out tonight and see how that goes. ... but I never thought it was from the hf??
  6. load3dic3

    clones in need of help!!

    They are about 2.5 weeks old, and I've just gave them water so far
  7. load3dic3

    clones in need of help!!

    I don't know what's going on with some of my clones?? Some look just fine but some look bad... I'm using fox farm happy frog soil... the temps are around 76-82(which it got to 82 today) my RH is around 55-65% . Any thoughts would be awesome thx
  8. load3dic3

    Heat issue in my flower closet

    Pics of the flower closet and exhaust setup
  9. load3dic3

    Heat issue in my flower closet

    The cfms for the fan in the flower room is 400 cfms and all I know is that it said active air inline fan. The veg fan is a hurricane 4in with 171 cfms, but I only have the exhaust from flower going into the veg exhaust right before it goes out the window... Im probably gonna have to make another...
  10. load3dic3

    Heat issue in my flower closet

    Hey everyone, its been a few years since I've grown and this time I have two separate spaces, I have a veg tent which is 3ft w x 2ft L x 5.3ft H, which I have a 400 watt mh in that. My flower room is my concern, its 1.1ft w x 6ft L x 5.5ft H. I have a 4 in passive intake going to the crawl...
  11. load3dic3

    best drying environment

  12. load3dic3

    How tall do you grow?

    Hey buddy, have you thought about let to bush her out more, it could also help your yeild. IMO
  13. load3dic3

    New grower

    Welcome to MP, I like soil but that's my options. But you'll find your own way, any way you go I'm sure it'll do ggreat
  14. load3dic3

    Hello everyone

    Welcome my friend, hope to see your grow soon
  15. load3dic3

    2nd grow

    yup, the trichs told the story of this tale. plus i like the early harvest high :D
  16. load3dic3

    2nd grow

    Hey guys, just cut them down last nite. Overall I am very happy (so far) with its turn out. I harvested my plants when pretty much all the trichs were mostly cloudy. Tell me what yall think.
  17. load3dic3

    My grows

    Green mojo to ya brother :48:
  18. load3dic3

    BtB, Kalichakra and Papaya

    Very nice man, its looking good. :aok:
  19. load3dic3

    I just couldnt take it anymore

    I am on board for this one:smoke1: :48:
  20. load3dic3

    mr_chow's medicinal rice garden

    Your gals are looking damn good man. Green mojo to ya