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    Just wanna say Hi

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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year and i hope will be better for u than 08 ,I wish u a lot of green passion, a lot green work with amazing results and remember be safe out there , and dont forget to take extra puff for me couse i will be taking extra ones for U. Happy New Year P>S DONT DRINK AND DRIVE...
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    Merry Christmas

    Ok guys i just want to wish all of u very good ,tasty, high and most of all peacefull christmas. Be carefull on the road.
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    What your JOB ??

    ok guys what do u do for living ??? i'm an architect and you ??
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    come on guys speak ur mind only honest anwsers. what i got on my mind is full info of strains ,expiriences,maybe some breeding the whole nine yard
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    check this

    can we get another section called AutoFlowering in this forum or thats a no go ???????? specially mods any input ??
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    Hallo did u read this ??

    i was curies did u guys read this book ?? i can sed it to u guys or post page by page here if u like :)
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    More Eficient ??

    Ok so i was thinking how would that work ?? if u have Automatic Battery Charger that u connect to power outlet hook up to timer , then car battery hook up to the charger , and AC Car Power Inverter hook up to battery and ur 400watt light to that woudent that be cheaper on electricyty ...
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    Free New Movies

    ok guys some of u know them already but some dosent so those a links to sits that got new movies some good quality som not so good , but still its free and in ur own home. ENJOY. i will post them by my opinion favorite 1. 2.
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    Marijuana Cigar

    Ok guys weed cigar if anybody is curies :)
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    Horse Rcing

    Hi Guys i got question , what ya know about horse racing ?? maybe u guys got any system ?? Pleas Help.:holysheep:
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    Pics of dry weed :)

    :D ok guy post picture of your dry plants. ---- pic ---- strain name ---- and in scale from 0-10 how you liked
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    Got To See This

    :holysheep: so i know not everybody look at gallery but this picture is awesome its from Elephant Man gallery (i hope u dont mind ).
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    Just wanna say Hi

    Just wanna say HALLO to old friends i see forum growing like good weed :) ok SeeYa and i hope i will see some friends :shocked:
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    Hydro Enhancements

    ok guys i got a question which hydro Enhancements is the best for little speed up for plants. o yaaa i use super thrive and i need something els to go with it . ps if you know better ones then above write them up.
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    Were is chat button now ?? i cant find it help havent been here a while
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    ok guys some of you know my problem but i really need help !!!! seeds when they are going to be ready , are they going to still be atached to plant or they will fell off ?? what color they will be ?? how many weeks for seeds to be ready , my are 4 weeks and got very deep green color ...
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    Seeds ?!!!!

    :D Ok guys i got a question very important to me How does seeds going to look when its time to harvest ?? couse my seeds are 4 weeks and few days old and all of hairs are turning brown , im on my 8 week of Lowryder #2 and im starting to worry couse i never breed female before...