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    metal halide bulbs *for sale*

    lol you can go to lowes/home depot and buy 400w MH and HPS for $20-$25. Beat THAT :P
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    flushing hydro

    I do a complete bucket change the last 3-5 days before harvest. Just plain ph adjusted water.
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    why does my ppm keep rising???

    yea thats high, i'm lucky my tap is under 50ppm. that hydroton could also cause some rise, but you should notice the red color from it if it is. ppm rising is pretty normal, happens fast w/ hydro too sometimes. good luck
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    why does my ppm keep rising???

    I'd say salts accumulating in the water as waste from the plant eating up the nutrients.
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    Is This Possible?

    Yea you can pollinate a clone. Make a Colloidal Silver Generator. Costs maybe $40 to do it, spray a cloned female branch and self pollinate, however its possible to get more hermie seeds doing this to a clone, but if you GOTTA have seed......
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    Neem oil

    I've never had any problems using it regularly once a week maybe that's why i've never seen any fungus or bugs anywhere near my girls either ;) Keep in mind i dont do it the entire lifetime of the plant, only during veg after they have rooted nicely.
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    Neem oil

    You can use it as a preventative measure, it also does help the plant, i've always noticed a much darker, greener color to the leaves. you CAN over do it, i'd say 2x a week, make sure to mist with reg. water in between or you will clog the plant's stoma (pores basically). It's really healthy...
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    fish tank dro

    Make sure you darken the tank, you don't want light getting to the roots, you will start to have problems then.
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    ebay is a lil too cozy and willing to hand over information to LEO, stick w/ HTG, or buy the supplies and wire it up yourself.
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    Hellicpoters **** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yea but sadly, they do.
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    Secure Your Chat!!!

    I use trillian, it uses some sort of secure tunnel between users. Downside is both must be using Trillian.
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    Question about the Doc

    his new site is
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    Buying Seeds Online Can anybody Help Me OUT?

    Never had a problem w/ Doc. Ordering from Nirvana and SeedBoutique are fine too. Just order to a safe address, or a PO Box. Never send seeds to your grow.
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    New Grow room

    Sounds like a get rich quick scheme... lol. But anyhow, yea if you want the electricity upgraded you gotta call the Elec Co and have them turn off the power (this is not just you flipping all the breakers) this is actually stopping the flow to the meter itself. Plus any upgrades need to be...
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    Marijuana For Sale

    Yea i know hick, but when you try for weeks, and even months to find quality product to no avail.... :)
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    Marijuana through Mail

    Vacuum sealer > all that ** cologne and pnut butter.
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    Marijuana For Sale

    Nah... i dont buy off random websites. Im saying USPS is safer than UPS imo. But im also not dumb enough to have anything sent to my home or in my real name.
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    Marijuana through Mail

    Its harder than you think sometimes :) Especially if you are over 30 and live in a town of 3000 lol. You can mail it, best to vacuum seal it. small amounts will be fine. Vacuum sealer costs $100 tho.. so not really worth it for just a dub or something.
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    Marijuana For Sale

    I dont get anything shipped UPS, only USPS. And yea, its been fine :)
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    Caught by power consumption?

    Yea dont be toying w/ the meter, theft of power WILL get their attention. Most meters automatically report now. 2KWH for 12 hr / day x 30 days = 720 KWH / month. I pay roughly .10 / KWH. So thats $72 just for the lights. Really not a big deal imo. The elec cow proly wont care either. Worse that...