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  1. gqone333

    marijuana seeds die during sprouting

  2. gqone333

    how to make hashish!! pics includ.

  3. gqone333

    spidermites are eating my plant

  4. gqone333

    why the **** are 8 out 10 plants male

  5. gqone333


    nice pics ,i like your garden
  6. gqone333

    Mutts crappy camera and micro grow

    great grow mutt,hope they come out good
  7. gqone333

    Best game to play when high?

    im playing need for spees most wanted my favoirt games when high james bond golden eye n64 marvel vs capcom 2 alot of race games and fighting games use to play mortal combat alot play tony hawk too that shit tight
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    lol a good bong hundreds try cheap and affordable bongs they all get the job done you can buy cheap seeds to .ordered my rasta bong there and im putting in a seed order
  9. gqone333

    Buggin Out At Work

    **** yea o i meant to say dont smoke no chronic
  10. gqone333

    florecent vs. hps

    here this should help you out Metal halide light fixtures produce large amounts of blue spectrum energy and are best for vegetative (beginning) growth. The light produced looks similar to the 'cool' fluorescent light found in schools, offices, stores, and other high traffic areas. A single 400...
  11. gqone333

    Buggin Out At Work

    **** i smoke used to being high ,its normal and nobody can detect it from me.i cant stop ,my body is immuned to it ,i act diffrent when i havent got high for a few days and i dont like .,the most i went without weed was a month and when i got locked up for 45 days.i been smkin since...
  12. gqone333

    Buggin Out At Work

    aint nothin wrong with getting high the night before,you gotta get high sometime,youll never have time on a work schedule,i just smoke right after work go with yor instincs man,you dont need anybody suggestions for this.dont go to work high unless you wanna lose your job
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    welcome xr2 this is a great form,youll like it here and feel like home
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    not really but i dont know i heard of plants with 3 leaves ,maybe the strain or deformed seeding ,i dont know,hick should be able to help you
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    give it some time,it usually takes 3-7 days maybe longer depending onthe strain,hold back on fertilizing .talk to mutt or b grunt ,they should know
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    Buggin Out At Work

    its cool to smoke at night,but if you work around people ,dont get high the morning before you go to work.if you were stacking boxes are worked unsupervised ,its cool. then again if you went there the first couple of days high ,they would think thats just you,people can tell sometimes,specialy...
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    Buggin Out At Work

    **** work ,just put some visine ,in your eye.and dont smoke, no chronic.i used to go to school high,and go ,smoke with my freinds ,on are lunch break.woke up ,smoke half a ,nice blunt,hurry up and got ,in the shower,no longer than 10 mins, so my high wouldnt go down but if you think your boss is...
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    SPEAKER BOX / CLOSET GROW papaya/ak-48/northern berry

    .that smoke is going by beutiful ,to sit down and smoke watching a ,good ass movie i love watching bud like that .it stays on your mind
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    your favorite songs to listen to while stoned

    yea im bout to download some of his shit. what songs should i download,i usually listen to bob marley once in a while ,he put me to sleep
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    good seed sites

    **** no ,i havent ordered from any of those sites.i just put them up ,because of the strains.i do not know there history, so if you think about ordering .thats on you. the site i approve is seedboutique.these other sites i dont know a damn thing about ,so shop at your own risk.only posted...