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    Does it expire? Ive had a bag for about 6 years wonderi if I should use it or not. And it is open.
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    DIY sulphur burner?

    Would anyone happen to have directions for this?
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    Sulphur Burner

    How we all doing today? Neat. Question : Where does one purchase a sulphur burner from?? Is there any store around like home depot or lowes? I havnt checked dont wanna run around n waste my gas if someone can just tell me lol :) Also, how do they work? How do you run yours? How often should...
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    Humboldt Supplements

    Hello folks how are we all doing? Good? Good! My questions : Has anyone ever used the Purple Maxx and/or the Snow Storm ULTRA by Humboldt? I was at the ol hydro store gettin some Azamax and the hippie lookin dude gave me free samples of the stuff, gunna try it out, any advice?
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    I need help finding a story of three men in southern oregon who got arrested on May 6th in Jackson County for something like 22lbs and some hash im not sure (Medford) any help would be great thanks.
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    14-Jack Herer 4 Early girl x Purps Under 1000's

    Here we go again, these plants will live there whole life in this room unlike my grow I am currently doing. 5 Gallon pots / buckets 1000 watt MH/HPS Light mover(s) FF nutes for veg probably General Hydro Nutes for bloom Soil is a Peat Moss prelite vermiculite dolomite mix. I will not be...
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    Nutrient Switch...

    Hello everyone hope you all are having a great earth day its very nice outside were i live hope the same for you. Anyways here is my question : I have been using fox farms grow big in vegg and now I am 20 days into bloom, obviously should have been feeding them bloom nutes but im broke and...
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    Nutes Gone Bad?

    hello everyone, how are we all doing this afternoon? Good. Ima get to my point becuase I need to water my ladies but wanna check this out first. Question : How long are the Fox Farm Big Bloom nutrients good for? Do they expire? Ive had a bottle for like 6 years and its like completely full...
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    Urgent Plz Help!!!!

    Whats up guys I had an interview with lowes thursday and they called me back right now and told me I need to take a piss test. Now I am legal but I dont know what I should do, should I just give them my script or should I go get a drink thing they sell??? WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :eek:
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    First grow, Jack herer on 1000's

    Hey this is pretty much my first official grow, ive done smaller things but nothin compared to this so heres a cpl pictures of my room and plants so yall can give me good advice on wat my situation is.
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    Humidity and Temp

    Just a quick question I run two 1000's for 5 gal soil, wonderin what the temp and humidity should be at, right now my temp is around 67 and my humidity is around 49-52. Thanks