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    another question?

    how long should i hang before putting in jar?when the bud drys to fast and smells like pine niddells,what can i do to correct problem to get taste and smell back?
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    bad things are not happeneing to the plants,they look pretty good,but i have a question on how long to let them grow before harvet,they have been growing since may:confused: ,so can i get a pro's opinoin from my helpfull moderators,or friends,i will post pics on later today,so you guys can see...
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    I got some plants that are budding,and one has little seed looking balls on it but its pistle show me its a female,others are looking flowering buds,any info would help thanks
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    question about light schedule

    Would it hurt or help my plants if i left them on 18/6 all the way though grow or will it hurt them
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    white plants???

    i have a question? I have a plant that is turning white looking/white spots(a bunch)not sure whats wrong with it any ideas?and also got a mold look on the soil ?????
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    got a question

    well I got some new lights,& they are hydroponic lights/aqurium lights.I planted some hydro seeds and water with superthrive,the plants have grown very fast and they are much longer stalk to leaf than my other outside plants. I was wondering if this is normal or is it my lights or the super...
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    root tear & shock

    this is one of my transplants,that had root tear and is in shock.I was wondering if i could get some advice what to do to help it.
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    What do you think?

    Tell me what you think of my plants. The first 7 are two weeks. the last one is one month.
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    just wanted to say hello to everyone,and mabe meet new people and get good advice