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  1. load3dic3

    brown spots??

    Hey guys... Idk what is going on with my plants in flowering? The lower leaves are yellow with brown spots on them?
  2. load3dic3

    clones in need of help!!

    I don't know what's going on with some of my clones?? Some look just fine but some look bad... I'm using fox farm happy frog soil... the temps are around 76-82(which it got to 82 today) my RH is around 55-65% . Any thoughts would be awesome thx
  3. load3dic3

    Heat issue in my flower closet

    Hey everyone, its been a few years since I've grown and this time I have two separate spaces, I have a veg tent which is 3ft w x 2ft L x 5.3ft H, which I have a 400 watt mh in that. My flower room is my concern, its 1.1ft w x 6ft L x 5.5ft H. I have a 4 in passive intake going to the crawl...
  4. load3dic3

    best drying environment

  5. load3dic3

    Bag seeds

    Hey all, I was just wondering how long do you guys flower bag seeds for?? Much appreciated:icon_smile:
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    Im LOST!!!

    Ok all, this is the problem I'm having, first of all my plants are in day 33 of flowering. My temps stay around 80F and my RH is around 45-50%. I'm growing in FFOF and using FF nutrients. I also have CalMag. So one of my gals leaves are yellow and have brown spots on the fan leaves. Also some of...
  7. load3dic3

    need help FAST!!

    hey guys, im in day 6 of flowering, my temp is around 80 F and my RH is around 50%. My nute solution ph is 6.5. i am using fox farm soil and nutes and i also used some calmag. here are some problems i am having. any advice would be awsome!! :)
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    hey all, my plants are 32 days old in vegging (24 hour lighting), and all of them have alternating nodes. Now, my question is, does pre-flowers show before you flip the light or will the show after the flip?? Thanks
  9. load3dic3

    a quick nute question

    hey, i just wanted to know what everyone thinks is an ideal time to start nutes?? Thanks
  10. load3dic3

    2nd grow

    Hey everybody long time no see. lol. Anyways this is my 2nd grow ever so here it goes. I have 7 little seedlings growing. I'm using my 4x3x7 tent as i used in my previous grow. My temp is staying around 74-80F and my RH is around 40-50%. My little girls are on day 11 of there new exciting life...
  11. load3dic3

    24 hour lighting?

    Hey everyone, I'm back for round 2. YAY :D. Anyways I was thinking about trying 24 hour light schedule for my vegging. I am wondering what are the benefits of doing this, and is it a good idea. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks Oh, I forgot :bong: LOL
  12. load3dic3

    cubic feet?

    hey all, could some plz help me out on my cubic feet measurment?!?! :D My diementions are: H 5.25 ft: L 3 ft: W 2 ft :doh: :o :p
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    ok my buds have been drying for 5 days, and last nite i put them in my mason jars. and now when i went to burp the jars, they freaking stink, almost like strong fresh cut grass. any advice??
  14. load3dic3

    best drying environment

    hey guys, i was just wondering if my drying environment is good enough?? my temps are usually around 70-75F and my RO is around 50-55%. is that good or bad? any advice would be awesome!! :D
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    hey everybody, i was just wondering what is the purpose of using molasses, and if it will benefit my Lil gal, which type would be the best to use? Thanks Peace ;)
  16. load3dic3

    clipping's for hash?

    hey all, i just wanted to know what is the best way to store your clipping's for a period of time. so i can gather enough to make some hash. Thanks!! :hubba:
  17. load3dic3

    air stones in nute solution

    hey everyone i was just wondering if it would be a good idea to put an air stone in my nute bucket. Since i am using ff nutes that seem to clump up on the bottom. Thanks :aok:
  18. load3dic3

    PH Run Off??

    Hey all, i use the FFOF with the FF nutes, and i know that you should have your nute solution to around 6.3-6.8. and your run off around 6.0-6.5. my question is, that i have my solution at 6.8 and my run off is around 5.6. how can i get my run off near the right area. Thanks :D
  19. load3dic3

    flowering ??

    hey, i know that you never spray your plant with water while in flowering, but my question is that if i have been using a tube-o-ware full of water to help with my humidity, should i take out the water so no bud mold develops or what?? thanks :D
  20. load3dic3

    switching light schedule

    hey, as of now my lights come on at 6am and off at 6pm, will it hurt the plant if i switch the lights to on at 6pm and off at 6am. and if so will the longer dark period from were the lights went out tonight (6pm) and then when i set the new light schedule to tomorrow to come on at 6pm, instead...