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  1. MosesPMG

    Im back!

    Hello everyone :ciao: Im back and ready to grow again. Im glad to see that some of the people from a year ago are still hanging around and congrats THG and KingKahuuna on becoming mods!! sadly I still have the same set-up but im determined this time to get a much better harvest, and with better...
  2. MosesPMG

    Current Stash?

    Hey everyone, I just picked up an 8th of some Green Crack yesterday so I thought Id post a few pics of some nugs. Feel free to post pics of what you are currently smokin on :aok: :48:
  3. MosesPMG

    Great smokng song

    I was just introduced to a great new song to sit back, relax, and smoke to hxxp:// I have lots of other songs I like to listen to while smoking, depending on what mood Im in. Wanna post your some of your favorites, and get a good smoking playlist started MP...
  4. MosesPMG

    1937 Marihuana Tax Act

    hxxp:// hxxp:// I am hoping someone with a law background will step in and explain to me why no one trying to get cannabis legalized ever talks about this? Everyone is trying to get new...
  5. MosesPMG

    Happy Earth Day

    hxxt:// Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day. :dancing: If you have the time and money, a great way to spend it would be planting a tree today. If not, at least give one a hug and let it know someone loves it for, well, being a tree. We wouldnt be here without them, and...
  6. MosesPMG

    fan leaf claw

    Hello everyone :D I posted this in my GJ too but I might as well post it here to get some more responses :aok: The last few days the fan leaves on my plants are experiencing some major claw. What do you think is causing it? Over watering? Thats the only thing I can think of...any help is...
  7. MosesPMG

    only 24 hrs in a day?

    Because it is possible to grow cannabis indoors, does it have to be restricted to a 24 hr cycle? I know there are some rules on vegging and flowering but I am wondering if they cant be bent to maximize your harvest. EXAMPLE Most people already agree a 24/0 cycle is best for vegging and you cant...
  8. MosesPMG

    Please help, first sick plants

    I am at 41 days flowering now, and I am having my first real sick plants problem. The tops of the plants seem to be doing fine, its the lower fan leaves that are really bad. I dont know the ph of the water I an using =( and I over did the nutes about a week ago, only plain water since. This is...
  9. MosesPMG

    First EVER Grow - Prototype grow box

    So I decided to make a GJ because I am germing a kush seed I got from the last 8th I bought. This is continuation of the thread I started in GR Setup and Design, so if you are continuing this journey with me then welcome back, and if not, :welcome: -my prototype grow box is a cardboard box...
  10. MosesPMG

    prototype growbox

    I finally decided to get on growing :eek: This is going to be a long multi-step process to make sure i do this right - Step #1 - prototype growbox - I made a cardboard version of the growbox i will be making to make sure everything works. it is 1.5' wide and 3' tall. I am only planning on...
  11. MosesPMG

    best way to store seeds?

    i have a few seeds that i cant germ and grow right now, and i dont really know how to store them :holysheep: help please?
  12. MosesPMG


    i dont know what happened but i had to make a new account. :holysheep: so i guess im new again :D feels gooood to be back!