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  1. BBFan

    Managing Plant Counts

    MMJ legalization is imminent in my state :woohoo: However, the legislation most likely to pass limits a caregiver to 1 patient. It also limits 4 plants under 4' tall and 1 ounce of dried. I'm excited about growing legally for my friend, but I just can't figure out how to operate within...
  2. BBFan

    Vital Earth Manna Mix

    Anybody use Vital Earth's Manna Mix? Any issues- Water retention? Too hot? Yeah, I know it's expensive. Thanks!
  3. BBFan

    Importance of Temps for Compost Tea

    Hi all! Does anyone have any thoughts on the ideal temps for brewing a compost tea? In a typical brew time of 24 - 48 hours, is it best to maintain a temp of mid-eighties or is mid-seventies better? Which produces more abundant microbial growth? I was thinking an aquarium heater for...
  4. BBFan

    January 20, 2010 Letter to Obama

    January 20th is fast approaching. I haven't heard much about the letter writing campaign lately. Stoney's thread: Does this still have the momentum it once had? Almost time to start sending those cards and letters!
  5. BBFan

    A gift to MP

    Here is a little gift I put together for all the wonderful people here at MP! Thank you all! And a very special Thank You to OldHippieChick as this was actually her idea. Enjoy- and have a joyous holiday or December or New Year's or whatever you may believe in!
  6. BBFan

    Phenos? Huh? What?

    I'm not a breeder. If I'm making seeds, I look at the best female I got and apply some pollen- don't usually have too much choice with the males, luckily I don't get too many! ;) So here's the last of my current grow- most of it has already been harvested. These were the last of some seeds...
  7. BBFan

    When to Flower

    I was looking through some threads and I've seen alot of experienced growers saying that they flower a plant based on size rather than age or sexual maturity- when it's the right size for their grow space with anticipated stretch. But those same people also say that a plant will not show sex...
  8. BBFan

    Smokin Mom- RIP?

    Hey Smokin Mom- What's with the cryptic avi- "Adios" ? You outta here? Anyone know if Mom's left the building?
  9. BBFan

    Odd Bud Growth????

    This growth may not appear odd to some, but I've never had any buds grow like this. This plant is actually a mother that I took 10 clones from and left only 3 growing tips on. She's done very well in spite of the abuse. But the 3 tips that remained have grown out like something I haven't...
  10. BBFan

    MH vs HPS - The winner is....

    Well, I made the decision to switch to hps for the remainder of my grow. Hands down winner is the HPS. :eek: The plants under the HPS have really taken off over the last few days. As Bombbudpuffa pointed out in my other thread, on a watt for watt basis there's no comparison based simply on...
  11. BBFan

    MH vs HPS Test

    So I decided to try a side by side grow and see for myself the difference between metal halide and high pressure sodium and the differences in my particular set-up. A little background- These are clones taken from the same mom on 9/5 and put under 12/12 on 9/30- so 2 weeks since I flipped...
  12. BBFan

    Playing with Photoperiods

    We all talk about switching to 12/12. I know some equatorial sativa strains can thrive under 14/10 (or so my research says). So I'm doing some experimenting with my current grow and was wondering if anyone has flowered out under anything other than 12/12. Any comments would be appreciated!
  13. BBFan

    Does Veg Age Affect Potency?

    I'm curius about the relationship of vegetative age relative to potency. I've read posts claiming that a plant needs to be vegged for at least 3 months or until sexual maturity is reached, otherwise you are sacrificing potency. Does anyone know if there is any research to back this up? If...
  14. BBFan

    Seaweed Extract For Clones

    Does anyone use seaweed extract (or a derivative product) to assist in rooting clones? Is it overkill, or does it actually speed up the rooting? Thanks!
  15. BBFan

    Miracle Gro Mea Culpa

    Time for old BBFan to eat a little bit of Humble Pie made from Miracle Gro soil. Earlier in the week there was a thread started about Miracle Gro. Some offered their opinions on the ferts, some on the soil. Some said the soil was fine. I was one of those. Bragged about how I've used Miracle Gro...
  16. BBFan

    Worm's Way

    This applies only to people in the Eastern U.S. Worms Way is a hydro store with 6 locations in the Eastern United States. Well, I've finally broken down and decided to upgrade my set up a bit and I'm planning to visit a Worm's Way location to do some shopping. Anyone have any experience...
  17. BBFan

    UVB Lighting

    So I read a post by DirtyolSouth (someone I have a ton of respect for based on the posts he's made here and the info he's given me via PM) about the use of UVB lighting in your grow, particularly during flowering. So, I did a bunch of research and reading, and everything I found points to the...
  18. BBFan

    Happy Birthday Dubbaman

    Happy Birthday Dubba- And thanks for the jokes! :ccc: Enjoy your day!
  19. BBFan

    Rhode Island Moves Closer to Dispensaries

    Rhode Island has had MMJ for a while now, but now they're moving towards allowing dispensaries- Good news for all of New England! (Sorry Fruitybud if this has been posted before). Blueberry Fan Here's the link...
  20. BBFan

    If it were Legal

    First off, this is not intended to be a political discussion, but rather some market research. It appears that legalization has a better chance in the near term as it has ever had in our lifetimes. All those letters, reports, college essays, etc may have laid the groundwork, but the real...