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    is it true?

    I have been informed that, heaven's stairway, and several other affiliates have their servers seized and have been shut down. Now the canadian police may be conducting other investigations with the information in their databases.. is this true??
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    problem initiating flowering

    I have 2 small plants growing in a tiny cabinet about ( about 2'x1.5'x3') i have very limited space and have to use a 200W 2700 K compact fluroescent bulb. I put the two in the cabinet at different times, however. The first is about 4 weeks now, and is flowering with considerable results. I put...
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    my first clones- advice? i have a couple pics

    So far, i've attempted and succeeded in a single tiny cabinet grow, about 2' by 3'.These are my first clones that I have ever attempted and so far i think every thing has been going good. however the bottom leaves of the clones are slowly turning yellow and dying. They all seem to be poducing...
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    cloning question

    ok, i have a problem, my light broke, and im on my backups until i can get my replacement. unfortunately, my backups are not very good lights. and my plants are outgrowing their space, so I need to try to proceed with my plan before i have the necessary equipment, but i know i will get it soon...
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    question about cloning

    I've just finished my first grow and moved to my second. with this one, i am wanting to do a sea of green, but i don't have all that many cloning resources. What i've got is a bunch of small pots, potting soil, a rooting gel, and some oasis foam bricks. i can't get rockwool anywhere. anyway my...
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    question about growroom setup

    I just harvested my first grow- it was tiny i ended up with two 1.5 ft. females in my cupboard with a compact fluorescent light. now im moving to a new space that has a higher ceiling, so i can use a HPS light this time. However, this is a tiny space too, so it will still be tight. Anyway my...
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    help please

    I am on my first grow. I have only two small female plants in a tiny cupboard in my room. the plants are about a month into flowering, but one of them is having a problem. All of the fan leaves are falling off- starting low they just start to wither and die, and its moving up the plant. Any...
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    some Pseudo-scientific claims made to justify marijuana prohibition

    America seems to have plenty of reasons to outlaw marijuana. But if people took the time to do some research, they would see that most of the time, the governement, or other anti-pot activists, will share a lot of information, but not be able to back it up with sources or scientific evidence...
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    An interesting letter This is an open letter sent by Scott Burns at the whitehouse. It contains some of the misguided reasons, obvious misconceptions, and not to mention down right lies which ultimately is whats keeping marijuana illegal today.
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    Please Help Emergency!!

    ok I have been growing for about a month and a ahalf and I just started flowering.. its my first time growing.. everything was going spectacularly, and then i set up a new ventilation system, and for some reason, I checked on them tonight and it was 90 degrees in the cupboard- hotter than its...
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    weird question

    well im on my first grow- in a tiny cabinet with a fluorescent grow light. Im growing white rhino and it was all going great, but, all of a sudden (they're just showing calyx development by the way) one of my plants has dying leaves at the top- they turn yellow and curl up. also ive noticed...
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    America keeping all the best weed for themselves!

    "The only group to claim to have truly hyper-potent cannabis plants is the U.S. government, which conducts experiments into genetically modifying cannabis. They have never released them to the public." Green, Greg. The Cannabis Grow Bible. Los Angeles, CA: Green Candy, 2003. Just something i...
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    White Rhino

    Hey, I just started growing- its been a little over am onth now im growing white Rhino and I have high hopes, but caus ive never smoked it or to be honest even really seen it before, I'm not sure how it will turn out. theyre still small and in vegetative growth but theyre lookin damn good i...
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    my first grow- cabinet soil operation

    Well this is my first grow and i have very limited space but hey from what i see Im doing a good job. I just thought id like to have some feedback from experienced growers, and maybe get some tips if anyone has any. Let me know what you think! also, i guess you could say im anxious but does...