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  1. mariofromontario

    Keeping cool on a budget

    Hey all, though i would share som pics of my cooling setup. This an old air conditioner i grabbed from the dump. I gutted the thing and the part you see is the secondary rad, or the small one that cools the freeon.I had to make no modifications to the thing, except alot of diasasemply. All i had...
  2. mariofromontario

    promoting color

    Hi i was wondering just how important cool night temps are in promoting color. Any personal expeirience, and or advice welcomed.
  3. mariofromontario

    sulpher bulbs

    Does anyone know of a good source of info on those new sulpher bulbs?? Or to be more specific, if there is any good info about testing them for plant growth? ive found alot of technicall info but................