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  1. the_riz

    Nothing to scrape

    So im sitting here alone. Its 11:20pm, and im talking to one person on my MSN. No smoke, No music, No TV, Just me and my computer right now. A pitiful existance. Well we got into the kinda discussion im usually entirely stoned for, Longest words. God knows what triggered it. First off i...
  2. the_riz does it again does it again. While searching for something completely unrelated i noticed this in the bottom right hand corner. If anyone else finds something hilarious on google images while searching for something do share on here lol
  3. the_riz

    just a quick thanks

    Hey well i missed it, i went over my 1000th post without realizing it i wonder why.. a combination of deep coffee table conversation and the beautiful cali orange bud you guys helped me grow So i just wanted to say thanks, to marp, the mod team, and all the members for giving me a great place...
  4. the_riz


    Hey guys, Everyone knows the sting in the electric bill from growing and for some of us its a major factor in when we can grow.. I was just thinking to myself surely there must be a man powered method of powering your grow room light, I mean we see them from big to small, from power station...
  5. the_riz

    That dirty little pleasure I know its common knowledge, but it put me right off.. Ive been down to two or three a day as long as i have MJ to come home to, i hope i fair aswel when the MJ is gone lol
  6. the_riz

    Light Hanger

    Hey guys.. I designed this light hanger from a picture i found on the internet a long time ago. Its basically made up of 7 peices of plastic pipe, 6 L joints, and 2 T joints. Which would probably cost you about $8 for all the peices if your plumbing merchants are anything like ours. You...
  7. the_riz

    So i get in from work...

    Hey guys, just wanted to vent lol.. :holysheep: what a day.. I been on my feet all day, i mean i used to work on my feet all the time, but recently its been a sit down affair so today really took it out of me. So i decided to wear shorts today, it was lovely when i left thismorning...
  8. the_riz

    Ritz's orange lst harvest

    Well here are some pics of my latest harvest, 1 plant lst'd again cali orange bud which is why there was no journal ;) Well the buds in the first picture are the bigger buds, there were 5 really nice thick colas amongsed the growth on this badly treated plant and the longest was touching a...
  9. the_riz

    400w HPS issue

    Hey guys :) I went to turn my HPS on thismorning and the thing flickered blue at me for about 4 minutes. Its ok now, sorted itself out but it makes me worred about leaving it for any period of time. I was just wondering whats the average life for these? i mean this ones only at the end of...
  10. the_riz

    Favourate Cult/Alternative Films

    I know what your all thinking.. "damn not another film thread" lol but I need to get some new watching material, I mean good films dont come out every week, there are only so many.. So I thought maybe everyone could share there favourate cult, dark, hilarious, or just different films that are...
  11. the_riz

    Freezer Popcorn

    Ok I am at a loss. 3 weeks until harvest and am going through a major dry spell :( Ive been keeping a bag of leaves / popcorn in the freezer, until we have enough to make some hash. Well i just fished out a few bits of popcorn (enough for a few jays) and was wondering if when this stuff drys...
  12. the_riz

    Off Topic - Too many braincells

    Well i havent started a new topic in ages and i know some of you will enjoy this, i mean is it me or are some people just way too smart for there own good.. Not only has mankind recently discovered Tesla Coil technology, but now they can use them to produce music lol...
  13. the_riz

    Pulp Muppets

    Man i know its dumb but its funny as **** it had me in stitches.. especially miss piggy haha
  14. the_riz

    Oh dam

    Well i just spent the week in the dam and dam! i tried some strains ive always wanted too but could never find. Ill start by saying on the first day i bought some white widow from a coffeshop called Easy Times, Ive always wanted to try white widow as its gotta be that one strain people rave...
  15. the_riz

    Savory or Sweet

    Well TBG got me thinkin.. His thread Fruit or Spice was a question about whether you prefered fruity or spicey jelly beans.. Well i know a **** of a lot of smokers, and all of them prefer either a savory or sweet snack when the munchies attack.. I prefer something savory, like a...
  16. the_riz


    haha...just for a laugh.. was bored thismorning!
  17. the_riz

    tying up buds

    Hey everybody, Hope this doesn't seem like a stupid question, but some of our bud site branches are spreading out so much and slightly flopping and growing against the wall in our smaller than we'd like grow space.. I was wondering if tying all the bud site branches to the main stem, not...
  18. the_riz


    Hey guys, We just cut down our meddeling male, which stood at around 15 to 20 inches high, nearly 2 weeks into flowering, with pretty developed male flowers and were gonna make some hash out of the ever so...
  19. the_riz


    Hey guys, might seem like a simple question, and i cant search as the search engine seems thing the word "the" has never been used on this forum lol, but where exactly do you top the plants? Has anyone got a good thread link they could share?? would appreciate any help as they've been flowering...
  20. the_riz

    Bud Art

    Hey guys! Noticed the Coffee Table was a bit slow so i figured i'd attempt to get somethin goin on, Every time i get some real nice weed (I know its sad) I like to take arty style pics of the bud.. They say MJ and creativity go hand in hand so i guess this is one of my induced outputs lol...