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    skeptical directions

    One of my very good friends that grow received 3 seeds. He decided to germinate and start to plant them and said once they were started he'd give me one of them to grow for myself. he wrote down growing directions for me. 7 hours light/17 hours dark until 1 foot tall then 24 hours on. with a...
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    Peace from Portland

    me and my twin brother made this account here to try to get some advice for growing in our closet, were 15 and live in portland oregon
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    hydroponic growing

    is this an easier way of growing? with more yield? im still in the planning stages of my growroom
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    passing with energy drinks

    i heard that if you drink an energy drink with 100% niacin in it a couple hours before your test you will pass, a friend of a friend said she did it and it worked, but ive never met her before so im skeptical, is this true?
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    closet growroom help

    I have a closet that is 2'x5' x5' tall. I have no growing experiance but have done a little bit of research, and im on a very low budget. so can someone please help me out on how to set it up, what lighting to use, wat kind of ventililation system and just general tips for me on growing. any...