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    My First Grow

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    Hydro Start up Info

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    Rite now ive got about 6- 6 foot tall Masterkush females and 2 more females about 4 feet tall. Im gonna flower them for about30-40 more days, ive already flowered them for about a month. so i figure ill get about 2-3 ounces for plant. the buds are really starting to swell and get nice and fat.
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    My man TBG whats up brother? what projects are you working on?
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    whats up rocky! havent been on here in about 8 or 9 months. Is green day girl still active on here>? i will post the pictures as soon as i can. And yes it is the nirvana masterkush. I couldnt beleive the femal-male ratio. tho ive always had about a 75 percent chance of females on all my...
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    Plant size

    hey there, i usually flower my plants at about 13-15 inches. You can epext your plant to double in size during flower.
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    OMG! im 3 weeks into flower and there amazing. I "high"ly reccomend this strain. Very crystally leaves, buds just now forming. Any one interested in some pics? just wanna know if i should bother posting them. Ive got 6 females out of 8 seeds totally planted. ive got the 6 females about 6 feet...
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    We gave out 8000 fliers tonight.

    SRHbossman, Does your SRH= Supporting Radical Habits? KMK and everyone else on SuburbanNoize's Record label is out there fighting everyday
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    My brother..

    Im very sorry to hear about your brother, i lost a cousin last year (in my own home) and i know your feeling hurt and confused, when my cousin passed, i just kept telling myself its gonna be ok, you have to deal with this, and with time it will heal. All my best to you and your family.
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    My Arsenal

    These are just a few of my pieces.
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    Check this out!

    BC's million dollar grow shows this thing is insane!
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    A question about white widow

    A pound off one plant is just a stoners pipe dream, all be it a good dream just not very plausible.
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    My First Grow

    10 Days until harvest!
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    Another first grow!!!

    I saw a few yellowing fan leaves on your plant. In my grows i usually pull the yellowing leaves(Carefully) I think yellowing spreads yellowing so i always yank 'em. There might be a difference in opinion with some people so im not sure.
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    12/12 question

    Yea man ive always just set the timer to 10am-10pm, and start marking off the days on my calendar
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    Would it be wrong to post shroom grows in the grow journal?
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    New Pot Tv Show On Showtime

    Yea there has already been a whole first season available on Showtime on Demand you can watch all 10 episodes!
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    Rapid Rooters

    i used them on my hydro setup, no problem, but im trying to sprout some seeds and im keeping them moist but not soaked, ive only got one up and its about 4-5 inches tall, i see the white root part in a few others but none popped out yet.
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    3 weeks to go

    What size light are you using? and how many gallon pots are those, im want the same set up you got there, small pots and big plants! i just got a new 430w HPS and im trying to fit as many plants in as i can. Whats the smallest size bucket i can use for full grow?