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  1. Johny Weed

    When Do you Start Feeding

    I use formula Flora, and they got a special feeding schedule which i always use as a guidance.
  2. Johny Weed

    Any tips on using Formula Flora fertilizers?

    I use formula flora, and as far as i know it is especially developed for growing marijuana. check there site,
  3. Johny Weed

    Order 10 white widow seeds, pay afterwards!?

    So i was looking for a new batch of some delicious White widow seeds to grow this season, so i stumbled upon hXXp://"[and their you can order 10 white widow marijuana seeds, also feminized, and pay afterwards, so when you have...
  4. Johny Weed

    Top 10 marijuana seeds

    in the article is said they got intel from seedbanks, I think that are those listed at each strain on the site. dunno.
  5. Johny Weed

    Top 10 marijuana seeds

    I just stumbled upon a top 10 list of marijuana strains for 2012, what do you guys think about it? I never heard of Charas before, is that a nice strain? any one else got some top 10 listings found?:icon_smile: hXXp://
  6. Johny Weed

    Grow Software

    Hi Guys, I found some grow software on the internet, check it out. hXXp:// "Use TrueCrypt" or something to keep the software secret on your pc if needed.
  7. Johny Weed

    another question

    definitely tomatoes, if you ever buy some lights for your plants, fertilizers, anything for growing marijuana. say it is for your tomatoes! dont try to smoke them though..
  8. Johny Weed

    wat are the best seeds to get ???

    White Widow are great to start with, Also [Medijuana [/URL]is a strong and potential strain.
  9. Johny Weed

    These guys will ship to US they said, pretty new but i like their site. hXXp://
  10. Johny Weed

    yeah i know, well the seeds are doing great of the marijuanaseedsmarket, so paying a little extra for that doesnt harm me.
  11. Johny Weed

    Browning leafs with White spots. HELP!

    I also have some white spots with browing leafes. Don't know what to do about it but it are just a few of them, so it doesn't really matter. I just sing a lullaby sometimes for them.
  12. Johny Weed

    My Aurora Indica turned purple this go!

    Great buds man, must give a great buzz!
  13. Johny Weed

    I don't know, they got some same seeds in the same price range. But on the other hand many seedsbanks has got the 20 free seeds offer. Anyway, the 20 free seeds i received did germinate.
  14. Johny Weed

    indeed men, thanks, killed the link.
  15. Johny Weed

    hi there, i am new to the forum, as to growing marijuana. I ordered some seeds lately at for me and my partner. i didn't read any on that seedbank here so i though place a little review myself for other people. 8 Days after i ordered i received the seeds, they sended it...
  16. Johny Weed

    A List Of Seedbanks To Buy From Or Not To Buy From With Ratings

    I have bought at hXXp:// for two times. first 10 white widow feminized and later 100 white widow feminized, received them both, also 40 free marijuana seeds total. 7 of them grew into feminized plants i can't bring down to a strain
  17. Johny Weed

    What do they mean when they say...

    1 square meter is perfect for one plant isn't it?
  18. Johny Weed


    just one day in water overnight and the germination is done. isnt it?
  19. Johny Weed

    BIRD seeds

    never grew birdseed, always though that birds came out of eggs.
  20. Johny Weed

    Here is Johny!

    Hi! I am Johny Weed and love to grow seeds, I grow for a small year now and i am here to learn and share. Keep it up!