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    cool pics

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    lefty here

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    leftys hydroponic grow room (Building a hydro ebb and flow system)

    i dont due pictures due to the barbies that seem to look through these things .nor do i git on a computer and talk shop at my gro sight , nor do i let anyone i no , no about what i due. its probably stupid to even talk online but i only gro 1 or 2 plants for my own personal stash...
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    What plant is this?

    u say they reek i find that they dont ussually smell too bad until flowering wait till then!
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    super thrive

    has anyone ever used the product SUPER THRIVE and how was it used and results?
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    first harvest

    had my first harvest yesterday and it is killer buds are SWEET cant wait till its dry. like someone said b4 i cant blieve everyone isnt groing thier own. u can git the exact kind u want. through purchasing the seeds , and it really is alot easier than peeps make it out to b! no offense!ha! also...
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    Need help !!!

    try a hid or a very high 200 watt flo s the long t12s u really got to watch the mg soil i have good luck w/ it but it will burn! try mixing more than half regular organic peat moss in w / the miricle gro potting soil , this will give it good water retention and dilute the nutes from burnn
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    Need help !!!

    watch over watering they dont like soggy soil .i have mine in terra cotta 6 inch pots and they are about 3 months old and i run a dehumidifier and only water when the top two inches of soil gets dry then i waity about 2 days then i really water them till water is running out the drain holes...
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    Long white part

    What? Check My Avator!!
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    Need help !!!

    my avator is the coolest
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    she looks young!

    serious sativa dude look at those skinny fingers u would think the thing would git to be 20 ft tall!
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    so i left for a little bit

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    what strain is this?!

    that looks like the best stuff l diaBLO GROWS !!
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    is there anything to c on the nodes b4 the plant gits its pistals or stamen?(hairs or male flowers)? are u able to tell sex b4 the male flowers or hairs show?:guitar:
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    Male separation during pre-flowering stage

    i need to no about the sex thing. it looks pretty simple but i aint seeing nothing on my plants is there any thing to c b-4 the hairs or male flowers?
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    Strange growth spurt in plant

    S T R E C H I N G
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    use neem oil i think this helps or look for a good insecticide at the homey depot!