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    Auto v 12/12 regs

    I am just back from a visit to a friends and as usual came back with my head full of "stuff", he grows the dankest dank I have tried. His latest "thing" is 12/12 from seed with regular seeds, growing them as you would an auto but with 12/12 lighting instead of the usual 20/4. He had told me...
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    Split stem clones

    I have been reading Jorge Cervantes Medicinal Grow Bible again, great read. Something I have not noticed on previous readings is in the section on cloning (c3) about splitting the stem on clones. Basically it involves splicing the top of a fresh clone to expose more cambium layer (under the...
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    Limited space-SCROG or Virtical

    So, you have a limited growing area available, 30" x 30" but 7ft hight. Lighting is limited to a 250w HPS (should give a little over 5,000 lumens per sq ft) Strain and methods all optional, how would you proceed. Could be soil, coco or any hydro method except NFT. Plant numbers limited to 2 so...
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    From the ashes to a new horizon

    Hi all, I feel a strange kind of freedom having been purged of all the distractions. The kind of relief only a free man can feel. Ok, back to the business of the day and trying to help people and make people smile. I wont go over old ground but those of you who have guess, you are right. Some...