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  1. bombbudpuffa

    2018 herb

    Noticed I kind of neglect posting pics on here sometimes so figured I'd start a new thread for pics of whatever I'm running this year. Start with some Gorilla Glue x Long Bottom Leaf at 4 weeks into 12/12.
  2. bombbudpuffa

    DIY COB grow light

    What you'll need- COB led chips. Cree CXB3590 and Vero29 are the most popular. I haven't used either so I'll just use for an example what I use. I use the citizen clu048 1212 chips. They're rated at 36v, 2800ma max. Led driver. My chips are rated 36v, 2800ma max but typical or preferred ma...
  3. bombbudpuffa


    What's up MP? I'll document all of my indica grows here. I have a nice lineup going atm that includes Asad Kashmir, Peyote purple, deep chunk, Monkey Balls and pre98 bubba s1(pictured in order). They are 2 weeks old. Being grown under a 2ft 6 bulb hot5 with powerVEG bulbs. Been fed...
  4. bombbudpuffa

    Unity Seeds' The White x The White

    These are 4-5 days old. Being grown in 16 Oz cups under a 6 bulb 2ft T5. Been fed nothing but water with OG biowar root pack and Hydroguard. Been foliar fed once with OG biowar foliar pack. Not much info on the seed company or their hybrids so I guess I'm the guinea pig...stay tuned. Should...
  5. bombbudpuffa

    Mazar I Sharif x fire og bx

    Thought I'd throw up a journal on these. They're 3 weeks from germination. Being grown under a 6 bulb t5 with 2 6500k, 1 PowerVEG 430, 1 PowerVEG 460, 1 PowerVEG 633 and 1 PowerVEG 660. The blue pic is with just the 430 and 460 bulbs on. These plants look great. Short internodes, strong roots...
  6. bombbudpuffa

    DIY Cree LED grow light

    Supplies- Cree chips-ebay Aluminum angles(for the frame)-hardware store, tractor supply, etc Drivers for the leds and fans-ebay, you can buy mean well but you're just paying for a name. Heat sinks-ebay Wago connectors-ebay Adhesive thermal pads-eBay 4/40 screws-eBay, this is the size...
  7. bombbudpuffa

    The MP cannabis grafting thread

    What's up MP? I was looking at all the clones I have sitting around and was thinking it would be nice if I didn't have so many or if I had so many but on one plant. Then I was on another forum and saw a grafting thread. So I decided to do some grafting. The plan is to find the clones I want to...
  8. bombbudpuffa

    intake filter

    What's up MP? Looking to buy an intake filter and was wondering if I could use one designed for a car since they're basically designed the same. Thoughts?
  9. bombbudpuffa


    Anyone else having trouble uploading pics?
  10. bombbudpuffa

    Peyote Purple

    http:// Just ordered a pack of these and was curious if anyone has any experience with the strain. Anything on potency and yield would be greatly appreciated! Tia! BBP
  11. bombbudpuffa

    Ordered Seeds

    First time I've ordered beans in years. Feels weird but familiar at the same time. I might do a grow journal and if I don't I'll definitely update when the seeds arrive, at least. Wish me luck!
  12. bombbudpuffa

    OG Raskal

    Anyone know where this guy hangs out now?
  13. bombbudpuffa

    What up peeps!?

    Been a long time! Im actually shocked i remembered my login info. Hope everyone is good. Now i have to reacclimate myself.
  14. bombbudpuffa

    DO NOT smoke moldy weed

  15. bombbudpuffa

    The Best SeedBank

  16. bombbudpuffa

    Plant Tissue Culture

    Thought i'd share a few pics of one of my hobbies. Its not really that hard to do but theres a lot of info to remember. I took a couple of months to read and learn about it before attempting it. Cleanliness really is next to godliness when it comes to growing plants in a tube though. I've tried...
  17. bombbudpuffa

    Bombs' Buds

    Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. It's been a while since I visited so I figured i'd show what I have going on. Heres a cross I made from my(Dr Loads') Purple Rhino mother and a nice(Motas') BubbaxMaster Kush male. A friend coined her Purple Panty Dropper Kush. Hopefully she'll live...
  18. bombbudpuffa

    Thank You

    For voting my bud Bud of the Month:D!
  19. bombbudpuffa

    THC Strawberries Anyone?

    Company makes any plant produce THC June 1, 2009 Oakdale, CA: Scientists at Montsaint Genie Tech Inc. announced today that they have successfully transferred the gene segment that produces the psychotropic chemical THC in cannabis plants to many other common garden plants, including tomatoes...