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    is this a side effect???

    It might be the combo bogeys and weed, I hack some times, if I smoke both. It helps clean the crap out of your lungs (maybe).:cool:
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    clone is browning on edges

    Lookin good,A lot better than my first ones. Good luck!
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    can flys hurt?

    No, as long as they aren't whiteflys.
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    GreenBandit's Mini-Crop

    Nice plants. Looks like a ph or nute defic. or too much nutes can cause nutrient lock out. next time you may wanna refigure nute mixes. generally you shouldnt mix full stength, tds meters are nice.:cool:
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    Smokin' Devices

    I used to have a 8 person hooka, it held an oz. if you wanted. the most interesting pipe I smoked out of was when I was in high school a buddy rigged a giant bowl on a brand new vacum cleaner and poured a whole oz. in there turned it on and lit it, man you couldn't see any one if they 2 inches...
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    How Do You Make GOOD Hash?

    Back when hash was plentiful and fairly cheap. early 70's for me, I liked to eat it , not cost effective but it sure was mmgood!
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    co2 and the flowering stage

    Ihave Never Used It But My Bro Has. It Helps The Plant Flourish Overall. Temps Above 90 Is When It Would Be The Most Benificial. I Dont Remember All The Details, But Its Something Like That.:)
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    unrecognizable hybred

    Well, it looks like the maryhop is going to be next sring. just got hop seeds, man what a germination process, sand paper, 30 days in fridge germinating and then 120 days no frost after ground has warmed to 60 degrees. Dont have the season left. hop plants grow up to 25 feet a year i'd have to...
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    Hydro or Soil? Which is best overall?

    Hey Ganja, I use the ebb&flo,its nice. I think I like it better than the bucket as far as maintenance.
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    BW's Ninja-grow

    OOOO...... its so good.
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    Hydro or Soil? Which is best overall?

    I beleive you,I was suprised and so was my buddy he grows constant running water way. I' stoned i cant think what its called.
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    Hydro or Soil? Which is best overall?

    I got a couple bubblin buckets goin, fist time. I am going to tie strings around plants and fasten to walls with tacks (closet). They look and feel like there not too stable. mine are about 28" tall now:cool:
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    outdoor to indoor what to do!!

    somewhere in 2-6 weeks probably, look for amber hairs, soon after they start. you dont want them too get totaly brown(the buds).
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    Purple Marijuana Bud

    :)that might work. I know I don't wanto spend a fortune buying every one I want to try. I like variety. Work out details
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    k2 question

    Alternating nodes are when branches are not straight across from each other any more. they start out sraight across from each other. I hope I made it clear enough.:)
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    High 420, to top a plant is when you remove a section of the main stem, usaly the very tippytop above an established node (braches). when new tops form (you'll have 2) you can do this again and end up with 4. It's useful for keeping a shorter bushier plant if space is a problem. But if space...
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    new chronic on the block

    Welcome doc.
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    Free Seeds?

    It s possible to get some good seeds from bags. Ya pretty much got to grow em to find out.:)
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    35 years of dirt and finally hydro.

    "thanks To A Little Help From My Friends":d
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    35 years of dirt and finally hydro.

    Thanks Weed, I was'nt sure wat results I'd get, My first indoor grow, and 1st hydro.:)